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Best Blood Pressure Monitor 2024

If you want to buy a blood pressure monitor, you naturally want to buy a good blood pressure monitor. The most frequently asked question is: “What is the best blood pressure monitor of 2024?” or “Which blood pressure monitor measures the most accurately?”. These questions are very understandable given the wide range of blood pressure monitors. There is not one specific blood pressure monitor that is best. A good blood pressure monitor consists of a combination of clinically validated (reliability), ease of use, quality and functions. A blood pressure monitor is also personal. It is not always the case that the best for you is also the best for someone else.

The blood pressure monitors that we offer are all good blood pressure monitors. The blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated for reliability. The measured values ​​are reliable.
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The best blood pressure monitors of 2024

What is the best blood pressure monitor?

The best blood pressure monitor is therefore a combination of ease of use, quality and functions. Let's go deeper into that. Fortunately, there are ways to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine the best blood pressure monitor for you. 

The most important aspect is the reliability. Of course you want to be able to assume that the measurements are reliable. A reliable blood pressure monitor is a blood pressure monitor that has been independently tested for accuracy and meets at least 1 of the 3 international standards. All blood pressure monitors we offer are tested and approved for accuracy. As a consumer, we can rely on the expertise of a group of international experts to know which blood pressure monitor meets these requirements. They have an international STRIDE BP list composed on which this blood pressure monitor can be found. The Dutch Heart Foundation, among others, refers to this list.

The list is used by general practitioners, healthcare institutions and providers of blood pressure monitors. This way the consumer knows that he is buying a blood pressure monitor that is reliable.

A blood pressure monitor should in principle easy to use to be. You do not have to have studied for it. Fortunately, most blood pressure monitors work very simply. However, it is some additional features that can make it a bit more difficult at times. With all blood pressure monitors, you must of course put the band around your arm. Once you have done this, all you have to do is press the button and the device will start measuring. At the end of the measurement, the measured values ​​are shown on the screen. 

There is some quality difference between the various brands and models. We mainly look at the components and materials used in the product. But also it merk. Ultimately, this is reflected in the price. A well-known brand, such as Omron, which uses good materials is usually more expensive than a lesser-known brand that uses less good materials. However, this does not mean that the blood pressure monitors will measure better or less. When a blood pressure monitor is clinically validated, it measures just as accurately as any other blood pressure monitor that is also clinically validated. The lifespan of a blood pressure monitor may be less. A blood pressure monitor of a qualitatively good brand lasts longer. 

Finally, there are the capabilities and functions on the blood pressure monitor. The most important question here is what you are actually looking for in a blood pressure monitor. Do you only want to reliably measure blood pressure or do you want additional options such as irregular heartbeat detection, memory and/or stroke prevention. In addition, the cuff is important. How big should the cuff be, and do you want a flexible or preformed band? 

As you can read, the combination of the quality of the blood pressure monitor, the brand, the cuff and the functions ultimately determine the price of the blood pressure monitor. It is not always easy to make a good trade-off between the many different specifications. With our Blood Pressure Monitor Advice module we want to give you good tools to make the right choice. Of course we can also be reached by phone on 0182 - 23 93 93 or by email info@bloeddrukmeter.shop for personal and expert advice. The Consumers' Association can help you make a choice with its consumer test.

Best blood pressure monitor Consumers' Association

De Dutch Consumers' Association has held a blood pressure monitor test twice in the past. The 2 blood pressure monitors that were tested were available in the Netherlands at that time. These Consumers' Association tests were carried out in 12 and 2012. The last test was therefore more than 2015 years ago. 

Most blood pressure monitors tested in 2012 were also tested in the 2015 test. Some models of the blood pressure monitors tested in 2015 are still available. However, most models are improved compared to the test. 

Officially, the Consumers' Association test of 2015 is no longer valid. A Consumers' Association test is only valid for 1 year. However, the test does give a good picture of why certain blood pressure monitors scored well or badly at the time.  

The blood pressure monitors from the Consumer Association's test have been subjected to an independent investigation. Attention is paid to the price, ease of use and the possibility to export data to the PC or smartphone. In addition, other specifications are also considered, such as detecting an irregular heartbeat, comfort and rechargeable batteries. Each blood pressure monitor receives a number on each part. After the test, a 'Best in the Test' and a 'Best Buy' selected.

Below is an overview of the 12 blood pressure monitors that were tested in the last Consumer Association test of 2015.


(source: https://www.checkfit.nl/img/cms/consumentenbondtest_bloeddrukmeters_2015.jpg)

Best from the Test blood pressure monitor Consumers' Association test 2015

DThe Omron M6 Comfort (model 2015 - 2019) was chosen as Best in the Test in the Consumer Association test with an impressive 8.0. The introduction of this model coincided exactly with the test. The model was only available on the Dutch market for a few weeks. The model has mainly received high marks based on its ease of use. The preformed cuff (blood pressure monitor) is easy to put on and the blood pressure monitor can be easily operated with a large button. After the measurement, the results are clearly displayed on the screen. Since this Consumer Association test, the Omron M6 Comfort has been one of the most popular blood pressure monitors on the market. 

In 2020 a new, improved model has been released on the market. The Omron M6 Comfort AFib (2020 model) builds on the quality of its predecessor. However, this new model is equipped with new functions such as automatic measurement 3 times in a row and detection of atrial fibrillation. In addition, the new model also has a larger screen so that measurements can easily be compared. The Omron M6 Comfort AFib (2020 model) is available in our webshop.

Best Buy blood pressure monitor Consumer Association test 2015

The Omron M3 Intelli IT (model 2015 - 2019) was chosen as Best Buy. This blood pressure monitor also received a wonderful score of 7.5. Although this blood pressure monitor scored lower on ease of use, this blood pressure monitor scored well on the price. This blood pressure monitor offers an ideal combination of price-quality ratio. The fact that this blood pressure monitor scored lower on ease of use can be explained. The Omron M3 Intelli IT comes with a flexible cuff and not with a preformed cuff. A flexible band is a bit more difficult to put on. The operation is otherwise the same. With the push of the large button you have an accurate measurement. 

After the test, the Omron M3 Comfort came on the market. The Omron M3 Comfort offers an excellent middle ground between the Omron M3 Intelli IT and Omron M6 Comfort. It is the same blood pressure monitor as the Omron M3 Intelli IT but with the pre-shaped cuff of the Omron M6 Comfort. 

The Omron M3 Intelli IT (model 2015 - 2019) also received a new, improved model in 2020. Although technically the blood pressure monitor is identical to its predecessor, the blood pressure monitor feels better. It's a bit sturdier in quality. The new Omron M3 Intelli IT (2020 model) is of course also available in our webshop.