How do we check and post reviews?

Reviews make us happy. They tell us where we are doing well and where we are doing badly. This allows us to improve. Honest reviews are therefore essential.

We know company reviews and product reviews:


Product reviews
Product reviews are about the operation of the product. Company reviews are often about our company and the delivery of the product.

Product reviews take place in our own webshop. On a product page it is possible to post a review with a rating of 1 to 5 stars. When a customer has ordered one of our products, they will receive an email within 90 days of shipment asking if they can honestly review the product.

We manually filter and screen these reviews. We check this on the following points:

  • offensive or unrelated reviews;
  • Product availability and price;
  • Advertisement;
  • Personal information.

We will always allow well-informed reviews, both positive and negative, to give our customers a clear understanding of the product. We also use these reviews to improve the information on our website and to refine our range. Product reviews are posted within a period of 2 weeks.


Company reviews
Company reviews take place outside our webshop. For this we use various external assessment platforms. We use:

Each third-party review platform has its own independent review posting policy.

On the listed platforms, each review is thoroughly checked for authenticity, frequency, and plagiarism, as outlined in each platform's policy. In addition, it is impossible for us to remove or modify reviews on these platforms. This means that you can rest assured that every review on these platforms is honest and authentic.

Reviews on platforms other than those mentioned above have not been verified by us and we cannot guarantee that they are authentic.

We will never reward our customers for writing a positive review. A review is voluntary and we always expect customers to provide their honest, unfiltered opinion.

If you have more questions about our policy of checking and posting reviews then hear we like you.