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Oximetros suitable for children

Not all oximeters are suitable for children. After all, children have smaller fingers, which means that a regular saturation meter is too large. The finger will then not fit properly and therefore no reliable measurement can take place. Fortunately, there are also saturation meters especially for children. These have a nice motif which makes measuring a lot more fun!

Reliable oximeters for children from well-known brands

Blood pressure meter.shop only sells saturation monitors from specialized brands such as Nonin, iHealth en ChoiceMMed. So you know for sure the oximeter that you buy from us is of high quality. In addition, you can choose from different types, colors and motifs, so that there is certainly a saturation meter that meets your needs. Of course we also have other measuring equipment especially for children, such as children's blood pressure monitors. Children often need a different size than adults.

Order a saturation meter right away or ask for advice first

Are you looking for oximeters that are suitable for children? View the range on this page and easily order the required meter online. If the product is in stock and you order today before 16:59 PM, your order will be shipped the same. Not sure which model is most suitable? Then we are happy to provide you with advice when you send an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop or call 0182 – 239393.


Which pediatric saturation monitor should I buy?

There is a lot of choice in saturation meters. However, not all meters are suitable for children. In our range we offer a nice range of meters that are suitable for children. We offer these from recognized brands such as ChoiceMMed en Nonin. Measuring with one of these brands is always good and accurate.

How do the pulse sensors for children differ from those for adults?

There are different types of pulse oximeters that are suitable for children. However, there are significant differences between the species. Let's summarize these:

Oximetros with narrower holder

These are the most commonly used models for children. These are usually used for children ages 5-6. The oximeters resemble those of adults, but the holder is a lot narrower. The holder is shaped more like a child's finger. These are real children's saturation meters. Adults with smaller or thinner fingers can of course also use these. This is also the most inexpensive solution.

Oximetros with special probe

If a child is a little younger or is very mobile, a special probe can be a solution. The probe can be stuck around a finger or a toe. This will not fall off when the child moves. The saturation meters that can be used for this are usually professional. These are usually more expensive models.

Baby Oximetro

There are also oximeters that can be used with babies. These are special, professional meters that always have to use a probe. This probe is then usually stuck around the big toe. It stays here without any problem. The kid can't kick him off just like that. Rossmax's professional oximeters have this option. For example the Rossmax SA310 with the special neonatal probe.
It is suggested that there are baby oximeters on the market that work with a finger clip. Just like with adults. However, this is not recommended for babies. A finger clip sensor bends so that it does not fall off the finger. The pressure this brings can be painful for babies. The baby can then wake up after which it becomes more difficult to measure the saturation.