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Alive Cor

AliveCor is an American manufacturer specializing in innovative, mobile ECG devices. They provide easy-to-operate devices that can quickly make a very accurate EKG (heart film).

They are mainly known for the Kardia Mobile ECG monitor. With the Cardia Mobile it is possible for everyone to make a reliable and accurate heart film quickly and easily. Wherever you want. At home, outdoors or at work. You simply connect the Kardia Mobile 1-channel ECG device to your smartphone (iOs or Android) and you have a good picture of the condition of your heart within 30 seconds.

Assessment EKG

AliveCor offers consumers and general practitioners the opportunity to analyze and assess EKGs, among other things. So you do not need to be a medical expert to interpret the EKG. If abnormal signals such as atrial fibrillation are detected, the software will indicate this. You can then contact your general practitioner or cardiologist with thorough information.

Cardia Pro

AliveCor offers doctors the option to subscribe to Kardia Pro. This gives the doctor the possibility to monitor his patients remotely. This offers a unique opportunity for home monitoring.

Collaboration with Omron

Omron and AliveCor have established a unique partnership in recent years. Besides that Omron is a major investor in AliveCor. Together they have the Omron Complete EKG and Blood Pressure Monitor developed. This is a combination of a simple blood pressure monitor supplemented with a 1-channel EKG from AliveCor. All this in 1 device. This device is particularly useful for general practitioners.