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Buy a reliable EKG device

An EKG machine is a medical device that allows you to make a heart film (electrocardiogram) in a simple way. A heart video shows you the rhythm of the heart, measured over a certain period of time. In an electrocardiogram, the electrical activities of the heart muscle are recorded and displayed on a time graph.

Making an EKG can quickly identify potential abnormalities in the heart. Think of a heart rhythm disorder, such as atrial fibrillation, an enlarged heart muscle or oxygen deficiency of the heart. This gives you the opportunity to do something about it at an earlier stage. A doctor or cardiologist can assess your EKG and then intervene in time or have additional tests performed.

An EKG machine looks at the heart from a specific viewing direction. Each viewing direction is called a lead or channel and a maximum of twelve leads/channels are possible. The more distractions, the more a doctor can see and examine. A Welch Allyn XNUMX-lead EKG machine is primarily used within the hospital environment. For the home situation, buying a single channel EKG device such as the Cardia Mobile enough already.

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At Blood pressure meter.shop you can buy an EKG device to keep a close eye on the heart rhythm. We offer an extensive range of medically validated monitors. Buying a device is easy in our webshop. Do you have questions about the EKG device that you can buy from us or how it works? Please contact us by calling 0182 – 239393 or send an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.

Taking an EKG

Making an electrocardiogram is not difficult. There are various EKG machines that can do this in an easy way. The easiest way is through the fingertips. An electrode signal is then sent from the fingers of the left hand to the fingers of the right hand. This signal runs through the heart, so that the heart is looked at in this way. During the measurement, the electrode signal delivered by the heart muscle is registered in time. An EKG is then written.

EKG leads

When making an EKG, people often talk about EKG leads. With an EKG device, it is indicated how many leads the device has. Usually this is 1, 6 or 12 leads. These are also known as channels or viewing directions. This indicates from how many directions the heart is viewed. The more distractions, the more accurate the ECG will be.
The most extensive EKG equipment is used in a hospital. There, a heart film is made with usually 12 leads. In general practice, people mainly use a 1 channel of 6-channel mobile ECG monitor† This is more than sufficient to conduct thorough (preliminary) research.
In the home situation, often 1-Channel ECG Devices used. These give a good first indication of the status of the heart function. Nowadays, GPs who go on a visit also take a 1-channel monitor with them. They often opt for the Alivecor Kardia Mobile 1 Channel ECG† It is mobile and fits in the pocket. They can make a reliable heart film within minutes on location.

Reviewing EKG

An EKG should be assessed. That's not easy. It is always recommended to have this done by a trained person. Preferably a general practitioner or cardiologist. Through alivecor Is it possible to share the EKG you have made? You can then forward this to your specialist by e-mail. It is also possible to have your EKG assessed. This is possible through KardiaCare. For this you have to take out a paid subscription with Alivecor.

ECG monitors for the professional

With a simple heart film, a general practitioner or cardiologist can quickly get a good first impression of the heart function. This can be analyzed further and deeper with an extensive device. This is then done in the hospital with a 12-lead EKG monitor. The Welch Allyn CardioPerfect is a professional EKG device. This device allows you to record and print electrocardiograms on non-thermal paper. The system is supplied complete including the associated electrodes and matching software.

24-hour EKG device

With a 24-hour EKG machine, an electrocardiogram can be made over a longer period of time. Most EKG machines make a 30 second ECG. Of Cardia this can already be extended to a maximum of 5 minutes. With a Holter EKG machine, an electrocardiogram can be made for up to 24 hours. A patient then carries a small ECG recorder that records all ECG data. This data can be analyzed with special PC software. Occasional and irregular heart rhythm disturbances can be detected with a 24-hour EKG machine.

Rest or Exercise ECG Monitor

Nearly all EKG monitors are resting EKG devices. These make an electrocardiogram while the body is at rest. These show whether there is a malfunction in the heart function while the body is resting.
There are also exercise ECG monitors. These make an EKG when the body is in motion. A good example in this is the QardioCore† This can make a 30-second heart film while you are exercising. With a special band it can be worn near the heart. After exercise, the EKG can be viewed and analyzed.

Combination blood pressure monitor with EKG device

Nowadays there are devices on the market that can make an EKG in addition to measuring blood pressure. These are comprehensive medical devices that have been clinically validated. The Omron Complete and the Hartmann Veroval EKG and blood pressure monitor are such devices, for example.