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Thermometers (body thermometers)

By buying a good thermometer (body thermometer), you can measure the temperature of the body very accurately. This will let you know quickly whether you or your child has a fever. The temperature can be measured in different ways:

  • Ear thermometers: with an ear thermometer you measure the body temperature through the ear. You use this to measure the temperature of the eardrum.
  • Forehead thermometers: a forehead thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that measures the temperature through the forehead. You can often also measure the temperature of, for example, a bottle with heated milk.
  • Fever thermometers: with a fever thermometer you measure the body temperature under the armpit (axillary), in the mouth (oral) or through the butt (rectal).

So you can measure the temperature in different ways. In our webshop you will find digital thermometers of various brands.

Buy a high-quality thermometer

It is recommended to buy a good thermometer so that you always have it at home. Of course you do not want to look for a good thermometer only when you have a fever. Researching a good body thermometer in advance will help you. Especially because there is a wide range of different types and types of thermometers.

What's the Best Thermometer to Buy?

There are different types and types of digital thermometers. The question is therefore what you are specifically looking for in a thermometer. The best thermometer has a combination of accuracy, ease of use and speed.
  • If you are looking for the best thermometer based on accuracy then you should a fever thermometer A fever thermometer, when used rectally, can accurately display body temperature.
  • If you want to buy a thermometer that is easy to use, for example for babies, then offers a Braun forehead thermometer the ideal outcome. Your baby can sleep peacefully while you measure the temperature through the forehead.
  • An ear thermometer offers the right combination of ease of use and accuracy. This thermometer measures more accurately than a forehead thermometer and is easier to use.

Download a thermometer app

To measure the temperature of your body, you always need a calibrated body thermometer. It is not possible to install an app on your phone and use it to measure the temperature. Using your phone as a fever thermometer is therefore not a good plan. There are apps that can connect to your thermometer. The Microlife brand offers this option. The thermometer searches for a connection with which you can transfer the measured values ​​to your smartphone. This allows you to easily compare the measured temperatures. You can easily install the Microlife app on your smartphone.

Calibrate digital thermometer

There are parties who indicate that a thermometer must be calibrated. A calibrated thermometer would be more accurate. That is incorrect. A digital thermometer cannot be calibrated. It is the software within the thermometer that determines the temperature. A digital thermometer can be checked. When checking, it is checked whether the measured temperature values ​​fall within a certain range (temperature). The question is whether that is wise. The costs of checking are often higher than buying a new thermometer.

How reliable is a thermometer?

It is important to know how reliable a thermometer is. This also differs per type. A fever thermometer measures much more accurately than a forehead thermometer. We have listed the different types for you. You read here how reliable a thermometer is.

Order online or contact us for more information

You can easily buy a new thermometer in the webshop of Filter on the make and model you are looking for and place your order. Do you want to be sure that you purchase the right thermometer and would you like expert advice? Please feel free to contact us on. Call to 0182-239393 or send an e-mail to .
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