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Buy the best ear thermometer

An ear thermometer is a special thermometer that is made to quickly and accurately measure your body temperature via the ear. Measuring with this thermometer is simple and painless. Many doctors and doctors therefore choose to measure body temperature via the ear instead of using other measuring instruments, such as a forehead or axillary thermometer. Especially when checking the temperature of a child, it is recommended to buy an ear thermometer.


Buy a high-quality ear thermometer

Buying a good thermometer can be quite an undertaking. We recommend that you buy the right thermometer early. You want to buy a fever thermometer that is suitable for your ear before you have a fever. It is advisable to have a good thermometer at home in case you or a family member gets sick. We offer a wide range of various devicessuch as thermometers. You can buy an ear thermometer from various brands. Most types that are available at the pharmacy can also be found with us.

What is the best thermometer?

We often get questions about what is the best thermometer you can buy. After all, there is a wide range of brands and types. Fortunately, many thermometers have been tested for accuracy in recent years. Various studies have shown that the thermometers from Braun be very accurate. That in itself is not surprising, because Braun specializes in the manufacture of high-quality thermometers. Many doctors and hospitals therefore also use the thermometers of this brand. In particular, the ear thermometers from the ThermoScan series are known for their accuracy and ease of use. The Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT 6520 is in many cases the best choice. The other types are also good thermometers. Every few years new thermometers are introduced by this brand. These are often immediately the best choice.

Proper use of a thermometer through your ears

A good clinical thermometer can accurately measure body temperature through the ear. However, you should take into account that a temperature measurement via the ear is always an indication. The thermometer must be used correctly to get a correct reading. Body temperature can be measured by the temperature of the eardrum. The temperature of the eardrum is reasonably equal to the body temperature. The difference is only 0,22 degrees. A good thermometer will correct this small difference. To accurately measure body temperature, the clinical thermometer near the ear must be pointed inwards. You need to make sure that the infrared sensor is correctly pointed into the ear canal. You put it in the ear and then point it slightly upwards. This directs the infrared sensor towards the eardrum. Sometimes you need to give a little space in the ear canal by lightly pulling on the earlobe. The ear canal then becomes larger, so that you simply aim at the eardrum. If you aim lower or higher, the reading will be lower than the actual temperature. This can easily make a difference of five degrees. If you are going to measure the temperature with a digital ear thermometer, it is best to measure several times. For example, two or three times. You then take the highest temperature value from the measurements. You don't have to worry about going too deep with the thermometer and damaging the ear. The sensor of the thermometer only enters a small distance. The sensor is covered with a lens filter. A lens filter ensures that the thermometer does not get dirty. From a hygienic point of view, it is recommended to replace the lens filter after each measurement. If you suffer from an ear infection or if you have a lot of earwax, the measurement may be less accurate. This makes the ear canal less accessible to the sensor. In these cases it may be advisable to measure the temperature through the mouth or rectum using a clinical thermometer.

Compare the different thermometers with each other

You can easily compare thermometers with each other. The functioning of a thermometer is the same between the different brands and types. The main differences between the thermometers are:
  • The brand
  • The accuracy
  • Suitability for babies and/or young children
  • Measure with or without lens filters (protective covers)
  • Lifespan with full batteries

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of buying a good ear thermometer is that the reading is comfortable. After all, you only put it in the ear a little bit. The measurement is painless and quick. Within seconds you have a reasonably accurate measurement of body temperature.

What are the drawbacks?

Buying an ear thermometer naturally also has disadvantages. The main drawback is accuracy. A temperature measurement via the ear is less accurate than a rectal measurement with a clinical thermometer. This is due to the natural curvature of the ear canal or, for example, earwax or ear infection. These thermometers are also not suitable for babies under three months. Babies' ear canals are still very narrow and the sensor cannot be aimed correctly at the eardrum. The last drawback is the covers. These are also called lens filters or protective caps. You have to replace this after every measurement for hygienic reasons, which makes the thermometer less economical to use.

View our range and order easily online

If you would like to order a new thermometer, you can choose from a wide range at Bloeddrukmeter.shop. With us you will find meters from various top brands, such as a Fever thermometer from Omron. Would you like more information about the possibilities or do you have questions about how a meter works? Please feel free to contact us on. You can reach us by calling 0182 – 239393 or by sending an email to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.