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Beurer blood pressure monitors

Founded in 1919, Beurer GmbH is a German manufacturer of innovative health and wellness products. Among other things, they supply quality blood pressure monitors, thermometers, blood sugar meters, scales, etc. When you buy a Beurer product, you know that you have a top quality product at an excellent price / quality ratio.

Beuer blood pressure monitors are of course of excellent quality. The blood pressure monitors have many functions and are of course clinically validated. The technology that Beurer uses is very innovative and of very high quality. The products are tailored to the needs of consumers who follow a healthy lifestyle. Beuer has an extensive range of upper arm blood pressure monitor and wrist blood pressure monitors. Various blood pressure monitors have also been awarded with international awards. The Beurer BM 55 upper arm blood pressure monitor was named blood pressure monitor of the year by the German Pharmacists Association in 2015 and 2017, among others. This blood pressure monitor is also distinguished by the German association of hypertension.

Clinically validated blood pressure monitors Beurer

Beurer's blood pressure monitors are clinically validated. That happens at the Dabl Institute. The Dabl Institute monitors blood pressure monitors worldwide on the basis of international protocols. The operation of the blood pressure monitor and the reliability of the measurement are carefully considered. If the blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated and approved for reliability, it will be placed on a specific Dabl list. The Dutch Heart Foundation publishes this list, among other things, so that it is visible to the Dutch consumer that blood pressure monitors have been approved.