The Braun brand is known worldwide for small electrical appliances. Braun blood pressure monitors are suitable for upper arm or wrist blood pressure measurements. The device provides a fast and accurate measurement and is suitable for multiple users. The Braun blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated and approved by the Dabl Institute.

Braun blood pressure monitors

Are you already familiar with Braun's blood pressure monitors? the brand has developed various models, suitable for measurement on the upper arm or the wrist. An upper arm blood pressure monitor is preferred. It is less sensitive to movements and gives a more reliable measurement result. In case of high blood pressure, the doctor will recommend the upper arm blood pressure monitor. This advice also comes from the Heart Foundation. Next upper arm blood pressure monitors you will also find the wrist blood pressure monitor at Braun. Measuring blood pressure quickly and easily, the wrist blood pressure monitor offers great ease of use. With this type it is important to keep the arm level with the heart. Because the arm is not allowed to move, the wrist blood pressure monitor is less suitable for the elderly and young children.  

Clinically validated

When purchasing a Braun blood pressure monitor, it is important that it is clinically validated. This increases the reliability of the measurement. The Dabl institute checks various blood pressure monitors for reliability. They do this on the basis of international protocols. The institute publishes a list of approved blood pressure monitors. This list is adopted by the Heart Foundation and is leading in the advice. A Braun blood pressure monitor is on the list of the Dabl Institute. This applies to various models including the Braun ActiveScan 9 upper arm blood pressure monitor. Whatever you choose, more than 10 different models of this brand have been approved. Depending on the model, it has two or more user profiles. This means that different people can use the device. Select sufficient memory positions, this will give you more insight into the course of blood pressure. Always take two to three measurements in a row, with an interval of 2 minutes. The correct device calculates the average blood pressure, which increases the accuracy of the measurements. If you are looking for a reliable blood pressure monitor with a long lifespan, then you are definitely in the right place at Braun.