HEINE Optotechnik is a German company founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine. The founder had a clear vision: to build the highest quality diagnostic instruments in the world. He was convinced that the only way to obtain the most reliable diagnosis at the earliest possible stage was to use the very best diagnostic instruments. This commitment to quality and accurate diagnostic performance is reflected in all HEINE products to this day. HEINE also stands for unique functionality and long-lasting durability, which is the result of decades of product development, continuous improvements, production and 100% quality control in their own facilities.
Some of these HEINE products are manual blood pressure monitors, otoscopes and stethoscopes.

HEINE manual blood pressure monitors

HEINE manual blood pressure monitors have been clinically tested according to the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). They are not only very accurate, but also practical, robust and durable. They fit comfortably in the hand and are suitable for both left and right-handed people. In addition, HEINE cuffs are latex-free, so they can also be used by people with a latex allergy.

Order your products online

Ordering HEINE devices is easy and quick our webshop. Place the desired device in your shopping cart, select a payment method and complete your order. If you order before 17:00 PM, your products will be shipped the same day. Do you have questions about a specific device? Please feel free to send an email to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.