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Forehead thermometers

A forehead thermometer is a special non-contact thermometer made to quickly measure body temperature through the forehead. Measuring with a forehead thermometer is simple and painless.
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Buy a forehead thermometer?

Buying a non-contact thermometer can be quite an undertaking. We recommend that you buy a correct thermometer early on. You don't want to buy a forehead thermometer if your child has a fever. It is advisable to have a good thermometer at home in case you or your child gets sick.

Forehead thermometer reliable? Correct use of non-contact thermometer

It's a good question. Is a forehead thermometer reliable? The answer to this is Yes and No. A non-contact forehead thermometer is not as accurate as an ear thermometer or a fever thermometer. A forehead thermometer can be used well to get an indication of the temperature. The measured values ​​can fluctuate in a range of approximately 0,1 to 0,5 degrees. A forehead thermometer is a good measuring instrument to get an indication of whether someone has a fever or not.

For the correct use of a forehead thermometer, we recommend that you read the manual carefully. There are forehead thermometers that measure well at 1 to 2 inches away from the forehead. Another thermometer may need to be spaced 1/XNUMX to XNUMX centimeter away.

Due to corona, we see many forehead thermometers on the market. These are mainly thermometers that come from China. These Chinese forehead thermometers can measure well, but not always. Unfortunately, it is not known how well these thermometers measure. Therefore, always keep in mind that the measured value can deviate more than 5 degrees from the correct body temperature.

Liquid thermometer

You will not easily tell, but various forehead thermometers can also be used as a liquid thermometer. This is due to the infrared sensor. The infrared sensor has the ability to measure the temperature of, for example, a bottle of heated milk. It's important to note that not all forehead thermometers can do this. In addition, the thermometer often has to be set in a special mode.

Advantages forehead thermometer

The great advantage of a forehead thermometer is that it is non-contact. You point the infrared beam at the forehead and it displays the temperature. This is especially ideal for sleeping babies and children.

A forehead thermometer is therefore by far the most comfortable way to measure whether someone has a fever or not. 

Another advantage is that a forehead thermometer never really needs to be cleaned. The thermometer never touches the body. Non-contact thermometers are also widely used during corona.

Another great advantage of a forehead thermometer is that it can also measure surface temperature. This is often used to measure the temperature of a baby's milk, for example.

Cons forehead thermometer

The big disadvantage of a forehead thermometer is that it only gives an indication. A non-contact thermometer cannot accurately indicate temperature.