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Buy the best blood pressure monitor

Would you like to buy an excellent blood pressure monitor at a competitive price? Then take a look at our extensive product range. Measuring your blood pressure regularly is very important for your health. If your blood pressure is too high, you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. If your blood pressure is too low, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness due to a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain. It is therefore important that you measure your blood pressure regularly.

upper arm blood pressure monitor

When should you measure blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor?

Because blood pressure fluctuates during the day, it is advisable to measure it at different times, for example in the morning and in the evening. After all, with exertion and emotions, blood pressure goes up. If the blood pressure is measured over several days and for a longer period, the observation will be more accurate. Always consult with your doctor as to when and for how long blood pressure should be measured.

Buy a suitable blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure can be measured in two different ways, on the upper arm or on the wrist. There are different monitors that you can buy for this purpose, the upper arm blood pressure monitor and with wrist blood pressure monitor.

The most commonly used monitor is the one you use on the upper arm. This is because it has a significant advantage over the wrist blood pressure monitor. To measure blood pressure properly, it is important to move as little as possible. This is because movement affects the measurement result. The measurement of blood pressure on the upper arm is the least sensitive to errors caused by movement. With the wrist blood pressure meter this chance is far greater, because the hand must be held at the height of the heart. It is then very difficult to keep the arm still for a longer period. The Heart Foundation therefore recommends buying and using an upper arm blood pressure monitor.

Reliable meters

When buying a blood pressure monitor, it must of course be reliable. You therefore buy a blood pressure monitor from high-quality brands, such as Rossmax of robbery† The meter should give a good indication of how high or how low your blood pressure is. Every meter therefore has a CE marking. This means that the device has been tested in a field situation and has been found to be safe. Unfortunately, the CE marking is not a mark of reliability.

The reliability of the monitors is tested by the international Dabl Institute. This non-profit organization tests the devices and determines whether they are clinically validated. This is because clinically validated monitors have been tested by cardiologists in a real clinic with patients. This makes the measurement results very reliable.

Receive free and honest advice

On Blood pressure you will find a wide range of meters that you can buy. We offer both certified and non-certified meters from brands such as iHealth† If you do not make the right choice yourself, have questions or are still in doubt about which blood pressure monitor is best to buy, please contact our customer service. We give you an honest and appropriate advice about blood pressure monitors.