Emile Spengler is the inventor of the blood pressure monitor. The Spengler brand has been around since 1907 and in that year Emile Spengler, together with professors Charles Laubry and Henri Vaquez, invented the first blood pressure monitor. In doing so, he revolutionized medical diagnosis, bringing medicine into the modern age with an unprecedented level of precision and performance. The Spengler brand stands for precision, design and comfort and this is reflected in Spengler products.

Spengler products

Spengler has an extensive range of products. They have both manual and automatic blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, otoscopes, thermometers and saturation meters. Precision, design and comfort are central to all these products. For example, the Spengler Tensonic fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor clinically tested and on the StrideBP list, which means that the blood pressure monitor has been tested for accuracy.

The StrideBP organization checks blood pressure monitors worldwide according to international protocols. The operation of the blood pressure monitor and the reliability of the measurement are carefully examined. If the blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated and approved for reliability, it will be placed on a specific StrideBP list. Blood pressure monitors on the StrideBP list are recommended by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

Order your products online

Ordering Spengler devices is easy and quick our webshop. Place the desired device in your shopping cart, select a payment method and complete your order. If you order before 17:00 PM, your products will be shipped the same day. Do you have questions about a specific device? Please feel free to send an email to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.