Decision aid blood pressure monitors

There is a lot of choice in blood pressure monitors. We have therefore developed a decision aid. This will help you find a reliable monitor that will suit your situation.
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Do you want to be able to view the blood pressure on a smartphone or computer?
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A number of blood pressure monitors can be connected to a mobile phone or computer. This way you can store, view and share your data with your doctor, for example. You can often also connect other devices to it, such as an activity tracker or digital scale. This way you can keep all your health data in one place.
Are you a diabetic?
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A number of blood pressure monitors have been scientifically approved for diabetes patients. We recommend this so that you can be sure that your blood pressure is measured correctly.
How big should the blood pressure band (cuff) size be?
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To do this, measure the circumference of your arm with a tape measure. If you wish, you can order more than one blood pressure band. Most people have an upper arm circumference between 22 and 42 centimeters. You can tick more than one size.
What do you find important besides measuring blood pressure?
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Do you prefer a specific brand?
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You can tick more than one brand
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The decision aid shows only blood pressure monitors that are listed on the STRIDE BP list. STRIDE BP is an international independent organization. The organization approves blood pressure monitors based on independent research, which must be published in a medical journal. STRIDE BP is supported by the European Society of Hypertension and the International Society of Hypertension.