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Buy a reliable and user-friendly oximeter

Blood pressure is the right place to buy an oxygen meter (pulse oximeter). Our range includes oxygen meters from various top brands that are known for delivering reliable quality when measuring saturation. Quality, validity and reliability are central to the saturation meter and the other medical equipment that you can buy from us.

A saturation meter for measuring the oxygen content of your blood

You can buy a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen level in your blood. This is expressed as a percentage. Measuring with an oxygen meter is painless, quick and easy. Within a few seconds, the oxygen percentage is visible on the screen of this device. In addition to the oxygen percentage, the heart rate in BPM (the number of beats per minute) is often also shown. A oximeter has many names and is also called a pulse oximeter or oxygen meter.

An oxygen meter can measure the saturation of various people

A pulse oximeter is mainly used by athletes and patients for whom it is necessary to quickly measure the oxygen level. In contemporary times, an oxygen meter is often used by patients who have Covid-19.

You can only buy a saturation meter from specialized brands such as Nonin, iHealth en ChoiceMMed to buy. This ensures that you are dealing with an oxygen meter of the best quality.


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Buy a good quality saturation meter

If you want to buy a blood saturation meter, or oxygen meter, it is important that you look for the best quality. Always buy a pulse oximeter you can rely on for an accurate and reliable reading. That seems very simple, but in reality it is very difficult. There are many providers of these saturation meters where you can choose from very cheap to relatively expensive. However, you must separate the wheat from the chaff. All products we sell bear the mandatory European CE marking. A CE marking means that the product is approved for sale in Europe. With us you will only find oxygen saturation meters from recognized, approved brands.

Choose a reliable pulse oximeter or an oxygen meter

De iHealth AirSmart is an excellent choice. We have supplied this meter to various hospitals and general practitioners for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The pulse oximeter is very reliable and easy to use. In addition, you can share the data because a link can be made with your smartphone. In our range we have even more products that you can connect to your smartphone to optimally monitor your health. Do you think about a blood sugar meter en a blood pressure monitor from iHealth.

Best oximeter 2022

The best oximeter of 2022 obviously gives an accurate measurement. It is a recognized medical device. In other words, the device has an approved CE certificate and a clinical validation. All meters that we offer comply with this. However, there is some difference between them. That could be the quality of the materials. A Nonin has the best materials. These are of a unique high quality. ChoiceMMed also offers a good range of quality meters.

How does a saturation meter work?

A pulse oximeter uses a special sensor, a special light, to check the saturation of hemoglobin by oxygen and carbon dioxide. The higher the oxygen connectivity, the higher the percentage of oxygen in the body.

What does a saturation meter measure?

A saturometer measures the saturation of hemoglobin in the blood. This can be used to determine how much oxygen is in the blood. This is then displayed in a percentage.

Measure oxygen saturation on finger, toe, wrist or ear?

Oxygen saturation can be measured at various locations. The most famous location is on a finger. Especially on the index finger. The oxygen saturation meter can measure through the nail by means of a special light. There are also several spo2 meters that measure on a toe. This is mainly used on small children and babies. The child cannot easily take it off. A special pulse meter can also be used to measure the pulse. Various new smartwatches from Apple Watch series, among others, have these functions. New for consumers are spo2 meters on the ear. The skin in the ear is also relatively thin, which means that a special sensor can be used to measure with an ear saturation meter

Measure oxygen on smartwatch

More and more devices are coming onto the market that can measure the oxygen percentage. Several new smartwatches now have an app that can measure saturation. The question is how reliable this is. At the moment, most devices in it are not reliable. They have no clinical validation on reliability. So they only give an indication. A reliable pulse oximeter is a recognized medical device. We'll have to wait and see whether there will be more smartwatches that measure saturation in the future. To measure properly, a reliable LED crystal must be incorporated. This is difficult to process in a watch. The most reliable brands such as ChoiceMMed and Nonin have therefore not released a smartwatch at the moment.

Order the right oxygen meter in our webshop

In our webshop you choose from different meters of the best brands. Do you want to be sure that you are making the right choice? Then take advantage of our excellent service and please contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you find the right medical products. You can reach us by phone at 0182 – 239393 or by e-mail to