Blood pressure monitors from Hartmann Veroval®

There is certainly a blood pressure monitor from Hartmann Veroval® that meets your needs, because this brand has a nice palette of upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors. So there is the Hartmann Veroval® Duo Control upper arm blood pressure monitor. This innovative blood pressure monitor can measure blood pressure in two ways, namely the Korotkoff microphone measurement and oscillometric measurement method. A digital blood pressure monitor normally only measures via the oscillometric measurement method.

A blood pressure monitor and EKG in one from Hartmann Veroval®

Another unique product is the Hartmann Veroval® EKG and blood pressure monitor. This device offers the possibility to make a heart film in addition to blood pressure. With this 1-channel EKG device various cardiac arrhythmias can be detected.

Accurate Blood Pressure Monitors with Clinical Verification

Several Hartmann Veroval® blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated for accuracy. They are listed on the list of the international Dabl institute. The Dutch Heart Foundation recommends that you always measure with a clinically validated blood pressure monitor.

Hartmann Veroval® technologies

One of the most important technologies of Hartmann Veroval® is the Duo Sensor technology. This technology allows you to measure blood pressure according to the very precise Korotkoff method, which uses a microphone to record the heartbeats. Many (family) doctors use the analog Korotkoff technology for measuring blood pressure because it is very reliable (gold standard), but also because it provides correct measurements in patients with cardiac arrhythmias.

De Comfort Air technology provides a comfortable measurement. This technology provides extra pressure when inflating the cuff of your Hartmann Veroval® blood pressure monitor. The technology determines the approximate systolic blood pressure value, adding an additional 30 mmHg of pressure for an accurate reading. you don't have one stethoscope when needed.

Go for German quality

Hartmann Veroval® blood pressure monitors are produced in Germany. Blood pressure is a premium dealer of these blood pressure monitors. The blood pressure monitor that you buy from us is a Dutch model with a Dutch manual and has a 3-year or 5-year (depending on product) warranty. Do you want to know more about the blood pressure monitors of this brand or do you have expert advice need to choose the right blood pressure monitor? In either case, please contact us at of 0182 – 239393.