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Wrist blood pressure monitors

Would you like to buy a good wrist blood pressure monitor at a competitive price? Thanks to the wide range of Blood pressure you have plenty of choice if you are looking for a blood pressure monitor that you use around the wrist. We offer high-quality meters from recognized brands, such as Omron, Beurer and iHealth.

A wrist blood pressure monitor is very suitable for a quick measurement of blood pressure. These meters are therefore often used by athletes or people who want to quickly measure their blood pressure on a daily basis.

In the Netherlands it is often recommended by doctors to measure with an upper arm blood pressure monitor. A wrist blood pressure monitor can measure just as accurately! The way of use determines how accurate the wrist blood pressure monitor is.

Measuring your blood pressure by purchasing a wrist blood pressure monitor

High blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is therefore important to keep your blood pressure as healthy as possible. Repeated blood pressure values ​​from 140/90 mmHg are referred to as hypertension or high blood pressure. During the day the blood pressure varies, so it is not at all strange if it is lower in the morning than in the afternoon. In addition, the blood pressure varies with activities. For example, your blood pressure rises during exercise. So it is important to measure your blood pressure at different times of the day. You therefore want to do it quickly and easily. That's a good reason why you want to buy a wrist blood pressure monitor.

Is a wrist blood pressure monitor reliable?

A wrist blood pressure monitor can measure just as accurately as an upper arm blood pressure monitor. Wrist blood pressure monitors are also clinically validated and are listed on the international StrideBP list. A wrist blood pressure monitor can only measure accurately if it is used properly. However, many people use it incorrectly. As a result, in the Netherlands the use of a wrist blood pressure monitor is discouraged by doctors and general practitioners. This is different in Belgium and Germany. There, a wrist blood pressure monitor is recommended because of the convenience it offers.

How a wrist blood pressure monitor works

Every wrist blood pressure monitor that you can buy from us measures the upper and lower pressure in the vascular system and is suitable for adults and children. In babies and toddlers, it is wise to have blood pressure checked by a doctor. Blood pressure is measured directly from the device that does not require a cuff tube. This part of the blood pressure monitor is placed around the wrist. It is important to keep your arm in a good position as this increases the accuracy of the measurement result. You attach the blood pressure monitor to the inside of the wrist. The device builds up the pressure in the artery and then reduces it again. As a result, vibrations are created in the vessel wall, which are automatically registered. The upper pressure and the lower pressure are measured on the basis of these data.

How do you use the blood pressure monitor around the wrist?

Measuring your blood pressure requires correct positioning of the body. The pulse should be kept level with the heart. This can sometimes be difficult for the elderly, because the arm must remain completely still. Any movement decreases the accuracy of the measurement. Yet there are many people who buy a wrist blood pressure monitor. Modern meters have a number of advantages. They are small and lightweight and easily fit in a handbag or jacket pocket. For athletes, this is the ideal method to quickly take the measure blood pressure. This creates a better understanding of the condition and health status. We work with the Dutch Heart Foundation so that you are always assured of a blood pressure monitor for use around the wrist that is known for quality, validity and reliability.

Test wrist blood pressure monitors

There is no recent test available in the Netherlands in which wrist blood pressure monitors have been tested. The last Consumers' Association test for blood pressure monitors dates back to 2015. And not a single wrist blood pressure monitor was tested in that test. In the 2012 test, no wrist blood pressure monitors were tested either. In Germany there have been tests of the Stiftung Warentest† During the September 2020 test, the Hartmann Veroval Compact wrist blood pressure monitor and the Omron RS7 IntelliIT tested. The Omron came out very well with an average of 9,3. The Hartmann Veroval Compact came out OK. This can also be seen in the price difference between the two meters.

Save your reading and calculate your average blood pressure

When you choose to buy a digital wrist blood pressure monitor, you will also experience several advantages. These meters show your current blood pressure and heart rate directly on the screen and have multiple memory locations. This means that you can save various measurements. Depending on the device, one to four people can use the meter. Just like the blood pressure monitor for around the upper arm this blood pressure monitor also calculates the average blood pressure. This again depends on the device. The better devices also give a notification in the event of a confirmation error or when it detects an irregular heartbeat.

Order the right meter from our wide range

In our wide range you will find different meters to measure blood pressure via your wrist. Not sure which wrist blood pressure monitor is best to buy? Then use our decision aid and find out which one best suits your needs. For example, think of a meter from iHealth or one of the other top brands in our range. Would you like more information about the operation of one of the devices? Call to 0182 – 239393 or send an email and get in touch with our experts.