What can you do about low blood sugar?

Is your blood sugar too low? Then of course you would like to do something about it. It is not difficult at all to get your blood sugar back to normal. There are also ways to prevent low blood sugar.

Prevent low blood sugar

It is better to prevent low blood sugar, so that you also can prevent various symptoms. Therefore always eat on time and enough. Especially when you're going to exercise or are active in any other way. When you have diabetes, the risk of low blood sugar is higher. In that case, it is advisable to pay attention and inject insulin if necessary. Always take your medication on time. It is also wise to always have some grape sugar or ordinary sugar with you. That way you are at least prepared for when things do go wrong.

What should you do if your blood sugar is too low?

If your blood sugar is too low, there are several things you can do. For example, you can drink soft drinks, such as cola. Then never choose the light-variant, but the normal one. This contains a lot of sugar. Water with a scoop of sugar can also help to get your blood sugar up and running. In some cases, dextrose sweets can also help. Eat a few at a time for a better effect. After you've eaten sugar, it's best to eat something with carbohydrates as well, like bread, potatoes or pasta. Not sure if your blood sugar is too low? Then don't take any risks and still take the necessary steps. A blood sugar that is too high is less dangerous than one that is too low.

Inform people around you

When you have diabetes, it is advisable to inform people around you about it. Sometimes you can have such a low blood sugar that it is difficult to do anything yourself. People around you can then give you some sugar or dextrose. They can also contact a doctor if necessary. Many diabetics also have a bracelet or necklace stating that they have diabetes. That way, strangers know what they can do to help you when your blood sugar is too low.