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Sphygmomanometer cuffs

The right band
for your
blood pressure monitor

is always good.

Which one is suitable?

or flexible?

your personal

What is the difference?

Measuring is knowing

the right size
blood pressure band

How do I measure the size?

Are you looking for a new or different cuff or blood pressure band for your blood pressure monitor? Is your old cuff broken and in need of replacement because it no longer measures accurately? Then buy a new, suitable cuff.

You will always find the right cuff with us. We can supply the right cuff from many brands. Not sure which cuff you need? Then contact us so that we can recommend the correct cuff to you.

A cuff (also called a blood pressure band) is an essential part of a blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure can be calculated by the inflation and deflation of the cuff. This is done again by the connected meter. This blood pressure monitor must be suitable for that cuff. He has to give exactly the right pressure to measure blood pressure. In addition, the connection must of course fit. Changing between cuffs is therefore not possible. Unless the cuff is suitable for it.
Each type of blood pressure monitor is different and can therefore use a different type of cuff. Even within the same type series, a different cuff can be used. Take the Omron M3 and Omron M3 Comfort for example. These blood pressure monitors are identical to each other but use different cuffs. The Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor uses it preformed Intelli Wrap cuff while the Omron M3 blood pressure monitor uses the flexible Easy Cuff cuff
How do you know which cuff is suitable for your blood pressure monitor? You can find out in various ways. The simplest way is the type number that would be stated on the cuff. If the type number is stated on the cuff, you can use this to find the correct cuff. If there is no type number listed, you can also look in the manual of the blood pressure monitor. This will also indicate which cuff is suitable. Do you no longer have a manual and is the type number not on the sleeve? Then contact us. We can determine the right cuff for you on the basis of the serial number on the blood pressure monitor.
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