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1-channel ECG devices (cardiac video)

A 1-channel ECG device is a special medical device that uses a single lead to the heart. With this a first impression can be obtained of the heart function. They are easy and fast to use. A reliable heart film can be made within 1 seconds.

A 1-channel EKG device is often used in the home situation for monitoring and by general practitioners to quickly rule out a heart arrhythmia. For example, the ECG devices from alivecor. from research shows that a 1-channel EKG is very useful to safely rule out cardiac arrhythmias.

If a cardiac arrhythmia or abnormality is suspected, additional investigations will be required. In most cases, a 6-channel EKG or even made a 12-channel EKG. These look at the heart with more distractions for a more comprehensive picture.

Extensive range of 1-channel ECG monitors

We offer various 1-channel ECG devices in our webshop. Do you have questions about the EKG device that you can buy from us or how it works? Please contact us by calling 0182 – 239393 or send an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.