Measure blood sugar without pricking

The most commonly used method to measure blood sugar levels is the finger prick method. This method uses a blood sugar meter, which is equipped with a test strip and needle. The needle must be pricked into the finger to remove a drop of blood from the finger. This blood is then used to measure the blood sugar levels.

The finger prick method works well, but many people don't like this method to measure blood sugar levels. Not only because the finger prick is a bit painful, but also because the finger prick method can cause brittle fingers in the long term. Fortunately, there are more and more new methods of measuring blood sugar levels that do not require the use of a needle. One of these new methods is the Freestyle Libre. You can read more about this method to measure blood sugar levels on this page.


What is the Freestyle Libre?

The Freestyle Libre is a wireless glucose meter that you can use to measure your blood sugar levels without a needle. It is a sensor that you must place on your arm every two weeks. The sensor looks like a sticker, about the size of a 2 euro coin. You can hardly see the sensor, but the device does its job well. The sensor not only measures the current blood sugar levels, but can even show a curve of the blood sugar levels of the last eight hours.

This means that with the Freestyle Libre you can not only see what your current levels are, but you can also see how the levels have evolved over the last eight hours. For example, you can also see when your blood sugar level was too low in the last few hours and when your blood sugar level may have been too high.


How does the Freestyle Libre work?

In order to use the Freestyle Libre, you must first put the sticker on your arm. Then use the applicator to activate the sensor, applying a little pressure to your arm. You don't need to prick and won't feel any pain, just apply a little pressure to the skin to secure the Freestyle Libre.

Two hours after attaching the Freestyle Libre, the unit can take measurements. To check your blood sugar levels, all you have to do is move the corresponding scanner over the Freestyle Libre. Now you will see all your blood sugar values within a second. By the way, you can not only do this yourself, but someone else can also operate the scanner. Does your partner regularly measure your blood sugar levels, for example when you are asleep? Then this is even easier with the Freestyle Libre.


Can you use the Freestyle Libre?

Anyone can use the Freestyle Libre, but the question is whether your health insurance will cover the use of this device. If this is not the case, you can only use the device if you pay for it yourself. The easiest way to find out if your healthcare provider reimburses the Freestyle Libre is by contacting your insurance company. You can call the insurance company, but you can also check your policy conditions yourself. If there is nothing mentioned about the Freestyle Libre, please contact your insurance company to ask if you will be reimbursed for this measuring device.