Difference between Omron M6 Comfort and Omron M6 AC blood pressure monitor

Update 25 June 2019
The Omron M6 AC is no longer available. Omron has stopped production. The Omron M6 Comfort is the official successor. 


One of the questions we get is whether there is much difference between the Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor and the Omron M6 AC blood pressure monitor. In fact, these upper arm blood pressure monitors are technically very similar. In this article, we will show you the differences between these two blood pressure monitors.


The Omron M6 Comfort and the Omron M6 AC are upper arm blood pressure monitors that are very similar. Technically, the blood pressure monitors are identical to each other. They have the same specifications. Both are fully automatic and have two user profiles with 100 memory entries each. There is no difference between the two meters in this regard.



One important difference is the type of cuff. The Omron M6 Comfort uses the Intelliwrap cuff. This is a hard sleeve cuff that closes around the arm. The Omron M6 AC uses the flexible cuff. This cuff is made of fabric and therefore feels soft on the skin. The Intelliwrap cuff is a specially developed cuff by Omron. This would more accurately measure blood pressure. However, after many tests, there is no significant difference between them. Both cuffs measure blood pressure very well. One drawback of the Intelliwrap cuff is that after it is inflated, it can feel a bit hard on the skin. After all, it is a hard tube that goes around the arm. The flexible cuff feels much softer.


AC / DC adapter

Another difference between the two blood pressure monitors is the AC / DC adapter. Although they use the same adapter, the Omron M6 AC is delivered including the adapter. With the Omron M6 Comfort you have to buy the adapter separately. This also explains the price difference between the two blood pressure monitors. Actually, with the Omron M6 AC, the price of an adapter is more expensive.