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Fever thermometers

The most commonly used clinical thermometer is the traditional stick thermometer. A fever thermometer is easy to use and measures the body temperature quickly and very accurately. This allows you to quickly know whether someone has a fever or not. It is recommended to have at least 1 thermometer at home.

Body temperature can be measured with a fever thermometer in three different ways: axillary (armpit), oral (mouth) and rectal (anus). At Blood pressure meter.shop you can buy a fever thermometer from Omron, Hartmann and other top brands.

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Buy a fever thermometer for your home

It is recommended that you always use an Omron fever thermometer, iHealth, or another high-quality brand in house. Not only are they very convenient to use, but a fever thermometer from Omron or another reputable brand also measures your body temperature in an accurate way.

A digital fever thermometer from Omron or another brand

The old-fashioned thermometer is a glass rod thermometer. This one is filled with mercury. This is no longer allowed due to the toxicity of mercury. It is not good for your health if the glass breaks and you come into contact with the mercury. Fortunately, there are now digital meters. An Omron clinical thermometer measures the body temperature very easily, without endangering your health.

Choose from different variants

You can choose from two different types of thermometers. They are available with a flexible and a fixed point. The tip is also called the tip. Both variants measure your temperature equally accurately. The flexible tip does offer more convenience. Especially if you are measuring rectally. The meter then moves with you. A fixed point gauge is especially useful for axillary measurements.

Measure axillary, oral, through the ear or rectally?

With a fever thermometer from Omron, Microlife or another top brand you can measure the body temperature in three different ways: axillary, oral or rectal.
  • Axillary means that the temperature is measured under the armpit. This is not the most accurate method. This is because measurements are taken outside the body. It is not recommended by general practitioners to measure your body temperature in this way.
  • Oral means that the body temperature is measured in the mouth. Although the thermometer is more in the body, this is also not the most accurate method. It saves about 0,3 to 0,5 degrees with a rectal measurement.
  • Rectal means that the body temperature is measured in the anus. As a result, the meter is in the body and the body temperature can be measured exactly. For some people this is perceived as uncomfortable, but babies are not bothered much. A rectal thermometer is recommended to measure the temperature. Of course, the meter should always be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol after using it rectally.
It is also possible to measure your body temperature via the ear.

Compare the various options and order

You can easily compare and order the clinical thermometers from Omron, Beurer and other brands in our webshop. The main differences between the various meters are convenience, speed, presence of fever signal and replaceability of the battery. In our range you will also find different ear thermometers and other medical products. Would you like expert advice on which meter is best for your situation? Then contact one of our experts by calling 0182 – 239393 or send an email to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.