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A reliable EMS device

In the webshop of Bloeddrukmeter.shop you can buy an EMS device to use at home. This device stimulates your muscles through electrical stimulation. You use this device for, among other things, pain relief and slowing down the deterioration of your muscles. You achieve all this by using weak current. With us you are assured of reliable devices of high quality and purchase the equipment for competitive prices. As a partner of the Heart Foundation, we ensure that everyone can buy the machine they need.

Buy a high-quality EMS device in our webshop

With electrostimulation you can stimulate your muscles and nerves. An EMS device has a number of electrodes that are connected to the device. You stick the electrodes on your body. When there is sufficient current, the muscles where the electrodes are located are activated. This treatment method is an extremely suitable means of improving blood circulation and thus reducing your complaints. When buying an EMS device, you can choose from a number of models. For example, we have a device that you use for heat therapy. In addition to an EMS device, you can also contact us for buying a TENS machine, but also for purchasing other devices as a blood sugar meter.

Order online or contact us for expert advice

Do you want to buy an EMS device, but you are not sure which variant is best for your situation? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you with expert advice. You can reach us by calling 0182 – 239393, by our contact form or by sending an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.