Founded in 2002, Transtek is a company known for its quality and design in the production of medically approved products, such as blood pressure monitors and blood sugar monitors, as well as electronic healthcare scales and smart wearable devices, such as smartwatches.
Transtek invests heavily in research & development with a focus on technological innovation, as in today's market the demand for smart, more advanced solutions is growing exponentially.

Trantek blood pressure monitors

Transtek blood pressure monitors are clinically validated and of excellent quality. In addition to quality, attention has also been paid to the design, resulting in a robust blood pressure monitor with a premium appearance. The blood pressure monitors have all the important functions and more on board to obtain an accurate blood pressure measurement.

Transtek blood pressure monitors are clinically validated. That happens at the StrideBP organization. This organization checks blood pressure monitors worldwide based on international protocols. The operation of the blood pressure monitor and the reliability of the measurement are carefully examined. If the blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated and approved for reliability, it will be placed on a specific StrideBP list. Blood pressure monitors on the StrideBP list are recommended by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

Order your products online

Ordering Transtek devices is easy and quick our webshop. Place the desired device in your shopping cart, select a payment method and complete your order. If you order before 17:00 PM, your products will be shipped the same day. Do you have questions about a specific device? Then email to