Body temperature, what is that?

De Body temperature is the temperature inside the body. It is not the temperature of the body or outside the body. The body temperature is therefore also called the core temperature.

The core temperature is not a fixed number. The temperature fluctuates during the day. Especially in the morning the temperature was lower than in the evening. That can sometimes make a difference of half a degree Celsius. That's why we often talk about a temperature zone than a specific number.

An important question is therefore, What is a normal body temperature? A normal body temperature fluctuates between 36.0 and 37.5 degrees Celsius. When the temperature rises, we talk about a temperature increase. If the temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius, we speak of a fever.


How do you measure body temperature accurately?

As mentioned, body temperature is the temperature within the body. to die to measure accurately you must therefore also be within the body. The best way to do that is to measure rectally with a traditional fever thermometer† You are then really inside the body.

An alternative is to use a ear thermometer. With a ear thermometer the temperature of the eardrum can be measured. The eardrum has exactly the same temperature as the body temperature.


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