Smartwatch with thermometer function

Smartwatches are getting smarter and better. More and more new, more beautiful, functions are being added that make life easier. One of the most talked about features on a smartwatch is the ability to measure body temperature. The smartwatch thermometer can then indicate whether the wearer has a fever or not. The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch series are expected to have this promising feature.

Although this function seems very good, the manufacturers indicate in advance that the temperature cannot be measured 100% accurately. The smartwatch can indicate whether the wearer has a fever or not. However, to determine the exact body temperature, the wearer must use a traditional thermometer.

It is not difficult to determine whether someone has a fever. If someone has a fever, this person feels it too. The person then often does not feel well, is hot, short of breath, sweaty, etc. Fever is an immune response of the body that causes the body temperature to rise.

To accurately measure the temperature, you must use a good thermometer. A good thermometer can accurately measure body temperature. Particularly a traditional one fever thermometer that is used rectally or a ear thermometer measure very accurately. These measure within the body.

A smartwatch thermometer only measures the surface temperature. The skin is always cooler or warmer than the body temperature. For example, by exercising or by direct sunlight.


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