What is a pseudohypo?

Some people sometimes get the feeling that their blood sugar is too low, that they have a hypo, while their blood glucose is still well above 5 mmol / l. This is called a "pseudo-hypoglycemia". If your blood sugar levels have been elevated for an extended period of time, your body may be "confused". Your body then got used to the higher levels, and then at normal levels your body reacts as if the blood sugar is too low.

For example, your body may have had levels ​​that were too high for a longer time in the period prior to the diagnosis of diabetes. Normal levels ​​now seem to be too low, which is why your body thinks it has a hypo. A rapid drop in glucose can also cause such a feeling. Therefore, don't let your blood sugar drop too fast either, when it is too high, but give your body time to get used to normal glucose levels.

Although many people tend to do so, it is certainly not advisable to take more glucose than necessary. If you do that anyway during a pseudohypo, then your levels will become too high again, and your body will, of course, never get used to a normal blood sugar level. So it is very important to keep checking your blood sugar levels to make sure you are indeed having a hypo, and not a pseudohypo.

Is there anything you can do about low blood sugar?

By taking a number of things into account, you can try to prevent low blood sugar as much as possible, but unfortunately it is not possible to completely eliminate it.

Op this page we give a number of tips with which you can try to prevent a hypo. But we also give tips on how, in the event of a hypo, you can ensure that you get back to normal blood sugar as quickly as possible.