Diabetes symptoms

When it comes to the symptoms of diabetes, it can be recognized by several symptoms. First of all, it is important to know that the symptoms of diabetes should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

If you detect the symptoms early then you can act on them accordingly. Serious consequences can be prevented if timely action is taken. However, it is not always easy to detect the symptoms of diabetes in the early stages, for example, in pre-diabetes it is difficult to determine what the symptoms actually are. It is important that more is known about the symptoms of diabetes, this way people can recognize it earlier and also action can be taken sooner. It is very important to pay attention to the disease in time so that it does not go from bad to worse.

The symptoms of diabetes can include the following:

Symptoms of diabetes 1
Drinking and urinating a lot, if the sugar levels in the blood are high then you need to go to the toilet often. The insulin may not be present in the blood, or it may be present but ineffective, therefore the kidneys cannot filter the glucose. At that point, they are flooded with glucose.

Symptoms of diabetes 2
Losing weight is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. You may suddenly start losing weight, with type 1 this is common.

Symptoms of diabetes 3
Feeling weak and tired, glucose is the cause of this. Insulin is not effective and the body has difficulty processing glucose as a result. This will make you feel weak and also tired.

Symptoms of diabetes 4
Tingling hands and feet are also among the symptoms of diabetes. It could be, that the glucose level in the blood is too high.

There are other symptoms of diabetes, for example, men may suffer from decreased potency and you may have trouble with your eyes. (This may include blurred vision, but also a burning sensation in the eyes, red eyes and eye inflammation can be part of this).

Hair loss can also be one of the symptoms. It is therefore important that you detect the symptoms of diabetes as early as possible, even if you have doubts whether the symptoms of diabetes are evident in you. If it runs in the family and you have any suspicions, it is advisable to see your family doctor as soon as possible. If you are suffering from the symptoms of diabetes, it is important to act quickly to get it under control again.

So take the time to look at all the symptoms of diabetes and think carefully about whether you suffer from them. If this is not the case now, but in a while it is, look back at the symptoms of diabetes and when in doubt, always consult a doctor, they can see in a short time whether you have diabetes or not.

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