Causes of diabetes

Diabetes can have several causes. One can think of hereditary predisposition, but also overweight and not enough exercise. It's important to live a healthy life, but people who don't or don't think about this enough are more likely to develop diabetes.

It is important to get enough exercise and to get the right nutrients. This is what our body needs to function properly. If you now suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Very thirsty;
  • Being tired;
  • Problems with the eyes;
  • Pee a lot.

Then it is important, that you take a test to see if you are suffering from diabetes. This can happen out of nowhere, it can be hereditary, but it can also be because you suddenly started living an unhealthy lifestyle. It may also be the case, that there is no known cause for it. There are two types of diabetes, type I and type II. In type II, a large number of risk factors are known, namely:

  • Overweight, especially near the abdomen;
  • Smoking;
  • Family members with diabetes (heredity plays a role in this);
  • High bloodpressure;
  • Impaired fat metabolism.

Symptoms of diabetes what now?

If you are suffering from the symptoms of diabetes, it is important for the doctor to look at it and identify the possible cause.
A drop of blood is often taken to see if it is diabetes or not. If the symptoms remain, then go back again. It may in fact, especially if it runs in the family, be diabetes. This should be investigated immediately so that possible treatment can be initiated.

Even if it is not common in the family, it's important to look closely at the symptoms and possible causes. Have the doctor take a look at it and don't withhold symptoms. Be honest about any symptoms you have, even if it points to diabetes. It is important to treat this, otherwise it will only get worse and can have unpleasant consequences. Therefore, make sure you approach your family doctor and don't walk around with it for too long. Even when in doubt, you should go, because a small prick can determine whether or not it is about diabetes. It can be very reassuring for you to know where the symptoms come from.

The diagnosis of diabetes

The diagnosis for diabetes can be made quickly:

  • Go to your family doctor if you have symptoms;
  • Explain clearly what the symptoms are and how long they have been a problem;
  • Indicate what diseases run in the family, the doctor will often ask about this himself.

All the small aspects together can give the diagnosis. Therefore, be honest with the doctor, tell everything clearly and then you will soon have clarity on whether or not you have diabetes.