Diabetes, what is it?

When a patient has diabetes, it means that the body can no longer properly maintain blood sugar levels. In healthy people, blood sugar levels will be properly regulated thanks to the hormone insulin. People who have diabetes can no longer produce insulin themselves or the body no longer responds to it. It depends on the type of diabetes. When insulin cannot do its job properly, blood sugar will run high. When there is a lot of sugar in your blood for a long time, it is very unhealthy. If you have diabetes, it is important to treat it immediately and as thoroughly as possible. In addition, blood pressure and cholesterol are often also too high.


What is Blood Sugar?

The official name for blood sugar is blood glucose. Without this glucose you cannot live. After all, it is necessary for your body to keep all organs and muscles working. Thanks to glucose, carbohydrates are extracted from food. Many products contain these carbohydrates. The body turns it into glucose, which enters the blood as blood sugar. Then the blood sugar goes to all the cells of the body and will provide energy. When there is too much blood sugar, it is not good for the body. In a healthy person, the body will regulate exactly how much insulin your body needs to properly process blood sugar. This way, the level of blood sugar will always be maintained. When you have diabetes, this balance will be off.


Insulin is necessary

Insulin is produced by your pancreas and ends up in the blood. It can happen that your body stops making insulin. It can also be that your body no longer responds well to insulin. Blood sugar will then remain in the blood and cannot be used as fuel. As a result, you will become fatigued and have to deal with the symptoms of diabetes.


Symptoms of diabetes

When you have diabetes, you will have to deal with a number of symptoms. Fatigue is a common problem. You will also need to urinate a lot and unusual thirst is also a well-known symptom of diabetes. In addition, you may experience eye strain. Tingling in the hands, legs and feet can also occur.


Living with diabetes

You can live just fine with diabetes. However, it is essential then to live a healthy life and to check your body regularly. On the basis of these checks, you can see a hyper coming and you can even prevent it. When you check your body, you are always aware of your sugar level. In addition, a doctor will regularly examine your body to see what diabetes is doing to your body. He will then check you for a number of things, for example, your blood pressure.

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