How do you recognize low blood sugar?

Maybe you came to this website to find out if you suffer from low blood sugar. That's why we write this article with a short explanation of what it is, what the consequences are and how to recognize it. So that you don't walk around with a low blood sugar level with all its consequences.

What is low blood sugar

Low blood sugar is related to nutrition. Everything you eat is converted into blood sugar. However, this does not mean that if you eat a lot, you automatically have a good blood sugar level. After all, it can also be caused by eating the wrong food. In order for the blood sugar to enter your bloodstream properly, your body produces insulin. If your body does not produce enough insulin, you will have low blood sugar.

Signs of recognition

If you have low blood sugar, you may feel dizzy, nauseous, hungry, have a headache, sweat, shake and have a fast heart rate. These are all signs of low blood sugar. As soon as you have these symptoms, you should, for example, eat a banana to make insulin. Don't let it take its course, because then you can enter the next phase where you can no longer concentrate or have difficulty speaking. You can even lose consciousness or have an epileptic seizure. It is therefore important to take action after the first signs of recognition.

Watch your diet

You can solve low blood sugar by adjusting your diet. Low blood sugar is often caused by unhealthy eating. For example a lot of potato chips, fries, alcohol etcetera. It is also common among people who eat irregularly. It is important that you eat at least three meals a day. Always eat your breakfast. If you can't have breakfast, have a breakfast drink. With low blood sugar, it is best to take smaller portions, four to six times a day. In this way, your body will continue to produce insulin and you will be less likely to have a low blood sugar level.

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