How do you help with low blood sugar?

This blog is not only for people with low blood sugar, but also for people who deal daily with a partner, friend, family member or roommate with low blood sugar. Would you like to know what you can do to help in case of need? Then be sure to read on. 

Keep an eye on it

It is important to know that low blood sugar is not immediately life-threatening, but it can be dangerous and needs to be monitored. If the blood sugar gets too low, a person may not be able to drink a sip of water or eat while he or she is in dire need of it.


Call the doctor

It is important to call the doctor immediately to get help. When blood sugar levels are too low and a person can no longer eat or drink on their own, urgent help from a doctor is needed. In addition to calling the doctor, there are other things you can do. The best thing is to take honey and apply it to the inside of the cheeks with a spoon. This will already get some sugar absorbed by the body. Drinking or eating will most likely not be possible. Therefore, smearing honey on the cheeks is by far the best choice.

Stay calm

Don't be alarmed if you meet someone with low blood sugar who needs help (this can even happen on the street). Help that person and stay calm. Call the doctor in question and the doctor will help the person further.