Blood sugar level

Good blood sugar levels are important. When it is too high, it can indicate diabetes. It is also possible for your blood sugar to fluctuate. Then, you will regularly feel very tired and weak. At the oddest times you will crave something sweet. When your blood sugar level is too low, it will affect your health. Your body can no longer function in a normal way and symptoms will arise.


Determine levels
When you have diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood will be too high. Whether a person has diabetes can only be determined by measuring blood sugar levels. This is usually done with a finger prick. The blood sugar level depends on the time of pricking. When you haven't eaten anything or if you just had a meal, there can be a big difference in the levels. If there is an abnormal level, another test is usually done, in a laboratory. The blood will then be examined again.


Measuring blood sugar levels, why?
When you have type 1 diabetes, you can get a hyper. It is difficult to recognize and it is important to check your blood sugar levels regularly. You can then adjust your blood sugar level directly with an insulin syringe. This requires a separate schedule. There are a number of factors that affect blood sugar levels, such as exercise, diet, medications, but also a fever and stress.

When you have type 2 diabetes and only take tablets, you don't need to check your blood sugar levels yourself. There are some exceptions, though, for example, if your blood sugar levels are likely to fluctuate. In addition, measuring your blood sugar level yourself can give you more insight. So it can be very useful to measure your blood sugar level even in type 2.


Measuring your own blood sugar level
You can measure your blood sugar value yourself. You should first wash your hands with soap and water, then rinse your hands thoroughly. If food leftovers are on your hands, they can cause your blood sugar levels to be higher than they really are. With a lancing device, you then prick the side of your finger. With each prick you make, you must use a new lancet. A drop of blood will then be released; you must apply this to a special strip. Then the strip can be inserted into a diabetes meter. The meter will then display the sugar level.