Difference between the Omron M3 blood pressure monitor (best buy 2015) and the Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor

These are two blood pressure monitors that are very similar. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are asked what the difference is between the Omron M3 blood pressure monitor and with Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor. In this article we will take a closer look at these differences.


Best Buy Dutch Consumers' Association 2015

The Omron M3 blood pressure monitor was named best buy in the 2015 Dutch Consumer Association test That's because of the good value for money. This is because the quality of both the Omron M3 and the Omron M3 Comfort is high. It is comparable to more expensive blood pressure monitors, such as the Omron M6 Comfort. The Omron M3 is slightly cheaper. Those few euros of difference were the deciding factor in declaring the Omron M3 the best buy.


The cuffs

The major difference between the two blood pressure monitors is the cuff. This is because the Omron M3 uses a flexible cuff and the Omron M3 Comfort uses the Intelliwrap cuff. Although both cuffs measure blood pressure well, the Intelliwrap cuff is praised for its comfort. This is because it's a somewhat harder cuff that fits very well on the upper arm. This gives a more comfortable feeling than a flexible cuff.


Technical differences

There are no technical differences between the Omron M3 and the Omron M3 Comfort. The blood pressure monitors are identical to each other. They have the same software and therefore the same functions. Of course, the inflation function of the blood pressure monitors is different because they have a different cuff, but you won't notice this at all.

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