Difference between the Omron M3 (best buy 2015) and the Omron M6 Comfort (best in test 2015)

Two often chosen blood pressure monitors are the Omron M3 and the Omron M6 Comfort. In fact, both did very well in the 2015 Dutch Consumer Association test The Omron M3 was chosen as the best buy and the Omron M6 Comfort was chosen as the best in the test. But what are the differences between these two - excellent - blood pressure monitors?

The similarities between the two blood pressure monitors

Both blood pressure monitors are of excellent quality from the Japanese brand Omron. This brand is known for its good products, especially in the field of blood pressure monitors. Therefore, there are many Omron blood pressure monitors on the list of the Dutch Consumers' Association.

The blood pressure monitors look almost the same on the outside - except for the size. Except for a single color scheme, the design is the same. They both have a large and clear readable screen, are fully automatic, clinically validated and easy to use.

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The size

Although both blood pressure monitors look similar, the size of the Omron M3 is slightly smaller than the Omron M6 Comfort. To be precise, it is 25% more compact. This makes the Omron M3 easier to carry around.


The cuff

An important difference between the Omron M3 and the Omron M6 Comfort is the cuff. The Omron M6 Comfort uses the Comfort cuff. The Omron M3 uses the standard cuff. The Comfort cuff is softer to use and therefore feels more comfortable to many people. This is, of course, very personal. In terms of quality, the cuffs are similar. They are both available in size medium - large and can be used by people with an arm circumference of 22 to 42 cm.


Memory per user

Another difference between blood pressure monitors is the number of memory slots per user. Both blood pressure monitors are suitable for two users. The Omron M6 Comfort has 100 memory entries per user, while the Omron M3 has 60 per user. By the way, both blood pressure monitors have a guest function. This means that you can use the blood pressure monitor without the results being stored in memory.


The differences - weekly average

Both blood pressure monitors can calculate the weekly average. The Omron M6 Comfort can also calculate the weekly average of all morning and evening measurements.


The differences - morning hypertension

The Omron M6 Comfort has the ability to measure morning hypertension. It is demonstrated by a small symbol. Morning hypertension is present when the weekly average in the morning is higher than 135/85 mmHg.

There are no further differences between these two blood pressure monitors. Both blood pressure monitors are of excellent quality and are therefore recommended by the Heart Foundation and the Dutch Consumers' Association.


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