Are there any medications for high blood pressure?

When you have high blood pressure or hypertension, you have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, kidney damage or other problems. When high blood pressure is diagnosed, efforts are made to lower your blood pressure with the help of a modified lifestyle.

The doctor first looks at your lifestyle and then gives advice. This advice usually involves quit smoking, reduce stress, and having a normal, healthy diet. Exercise also plays an important role. If the high blood pressure doesn't drop sufficiently, the doctor prescribes medication. Medications can increase or decrease blood pressure..


Blood pressure lowering medications

There are several options regarding medication. When starting a treatment, the doctor prescribes a pill. Later, this may become a combination of pills. One of the best-known blood pressure lowering drugs are beta-blockers. This medication causes the heart to pump less intensively, reducing the pressure in the blood vessels.

  • ACE inhibitors and calcium antagonists: Dilating the blood vessels is another way to lower the pressure in the blood vessels. An ACE inhibitor inhibits the increase in blood volume, resulting in an increase in blood pressure. Calcium antagonists have a dual effect; they are a combination of beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors.
  • Pee pills for high blood pressure: People with high blood pressure are sometimes prescribed pee pills. Thanks to these urinary pills, the body loses more fluid, relieving the heart and lowering blood pressure.


Measure blood pressure

With medication, regular medical monitoring is important. If the blood pressure does not drop sufficiently, then the medication must be adjusted. To do this, the doctor performs a blood pressure measurement. It is often advised to measure your own blood pressure at home. Buying a blood pressure monitor can be done online. There is a wide choice of different blood pressure monitors. Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. With exertion or emotions, blood pressure rises. During sleep, blood pressure drops. Therefore, measure blood pressure at different times. This is the only way to understand if your medication is working correctly.

Buy a blood pressure monitor

Did your doctor ask you to keep track of your own blood pressure? Are you at risk of developing hypertension? Then choose a professional and reliable wrist blood pressure monitor or upper arm blood pressure monitor. With a blood pressure monitor that uses an app, it is possible to share data with the doctor in no time. This blood pressure monitor works in conjunction with an app on the smartphone or tablet. In addition, there are blood pressure monitors that make it fairly easy to extract or share data.

Choose a reliable blood pressure monitor from the Omron brand, for example. These are CE marked and tested for safety. An upper arm blood pressure monitor gives the most reliable results. With a wrist blood pressure monitor, a correct posture is important to take an adequate measurement. Be sure to get good instructions or carefully read the product description.

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