Upper arm blood pressure monitor, what is it?

An upper arm blood pressure monitor is a blood pressure monitor that measures blood pressure through, as the name implies, the upper arm. The cuff is placed on the upper arm and then connected to the blood pressure monitor using a cable. This can be a flexible or a hard cuff. The cuff is then inflated by the blood pressure monitor, creating pressure on the upper arm. The pressure created on the upper arm allows the blood pressure to be measured. Some people experience this pressure as unpleasant. After all, the upper arm is firmly grabbed. Still, this is the most accurate way to measure blood pressure.


Upper arm blood pressure monitor with built-in cuff

There are also blood pressure monitors in which the cuff and blood pressure monitor are one unit. This is the case, for example, with the Omron Evolv. With this blood pressure monitor, you place the blood pressure monitor directly on the upper arm. The advantage is that there are no cables, as the cuff is built into the blood pressure monitor. This blood pressure monitor is connected to your cell phone, making it very easy to read the data.



Upper arm blood pressure monitor and movement

It is of course important with an upper arm blood pressure monitor to keep it as still as possible. Like the wrist blood pressure monitor, you should barely move. This is because every movement causes a change in blood pressure, making the measurement less accurate. Of course, you want to get the most accurate measurement possible. It is therefore recommended that blood pressure be measured regularly at different times.


Recommended upper arm blood pressure monitors

There are many different types of upper arm blood pressure monitors. Therefore, let yourself be properly advised as to which blood pressure monitor is suitable for your situation. One of the most well-known blood pressure monitors is the Omron M6 Comfort. This blood pressure monitor was rated best buy with an 2015 by the Dutch Consumers' Association in 8.0.


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