How to clean a blood pressure monitor?

How to clean a blood pressure monitor? Cleaning a blood pressure monitor should be done carefully. If you use the wrong cleaning agents, you can irreparably damage the blood pressure monitor. Of course, this is not covered in the warranty either.

Never use abrasive and/or chemical cleaners and do not immerse any of the parts of a blood pressure monitor in water. A blood pressure monitor is made of electronics, encased in a plastic casing. This plastic housing is basically dustproof, but definitely not waterproof.

Never unscrew a blood pressure monitor to clean it. Doing so may disconnect electrical wires within the unit. The electronics are soldered to conduct well. If it becomes loose, the blood pressure monitor will be inaccurate if it still works.


Cleaning the blood pressure monitor casing

Clean the housing of the blood pressure monitor with a dry cloth. For heavier soiling, you can lightly moisten the cloth with water. By lightly moistening, we mean a few drops of water. The cloth should be virtually dry.

Make sure water never comes into contact with the battery and the cuff and adapter connection.

When cleaning the LCD screen, make sure not to press it too hard. This can damage the screen and break down the 'liquid crystals'. You will then see lines on the screen that will not go away.


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Cleaning the cuff

The cuff must be cleaned very carefully. Use a slightly moistened cloth with a small amount of water and mild detergent for this purpose. Don't use too much detergent. And definitely do not use chemicals!

A cuff should also never go into the washing machine. It seems very easy - especially with a flexible cuff - to just put it in the washing machine. This is very bad for the cuff and can damage it beyond repair. Because a flexible cuff is made of mostly fabric, the washing machine can cause the fabric to shrink. This will cause the cuff to no longer fit properly and the blood pressure readings will be inaccurate.

If the cuff is extremely dirty, then you should consider buying a new cuff. The cost of a cuff is not that high.