Blood pressure monitor with or without adapter?

A blood pressure monitor is supplied without an adapter as standard. This is because a blood pressure monitor is battery operated. The batteries can be AA or AAA depending on the type. It may be advisable to buy an adapter with it. This also allows the blood pressure monitor to operate on AC power (220 volts). The adapter cannot charge rechargeable batteries! This is because a blood pressure monitor has not the ability to recharge batteries.


What is an adapter?

An adapter is nothing more than a power cord that connects the blood pressure monitor to the wall outlet (220 volts). Not every adapter can be used for all blood pressure monitors. There are models that only use a specific adapter. In addition, you cannot use an Omron adapter for a Microlife blood pressure monitor either. The most commonly used adapter is the Omron Universal adapter. This adapter can be used for most Omron blood pressure monitors.


Is an adapter necessary?

It is not necessary to purchase an adapter. As indicated, it is advisable to purchase an additional one though. Especially if a blood pressure monitor is used frequently. When using a blood pressure monitor more often, the batteries may run out more quickly. An adapter then offers a solution.


AA or AAA batteries

A blood pressure monitor normally runs on AA or AAA batteries. With this, the blood pressure monitor functions without any problems. A blood pressure monitor can easily take hundreds of readings without loss of accuracy. Even if the batteries are less powerful, the blood pressure monitor will still give an accurate reading.


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