What are the benefits of measuring blood pressure at home?

Some people believe that measuring blood pressure should only be done during a visit to the doctor or hospital. This is not correct. On the contrary, it is highly recommended to measure blood pressure at home. In fact, there are a number of advantages of measuring blood pressure at home:


Measure blood pressure more often and in your own time

By measuring the blood pressure at home you can do this more often, but also when it suits you best. You are not forced to visit a doctor or hospital. It is therefore faster and more approachable than going to a doctor. Also, it just saves a lot of time. For every visit to a doctor you have to make an appointment and for every appointment you have to set aside at least half an hour to an hour anyway.

If you make a daily or weekly routine of measuring your blood pressure, you will be more aware and engaged in your own health. In terms of time, it is best to measure early in the morning or later in the evening. At those times, blood pressure is on average lower than during the day. During the day, blood pressure fluctuates more due to various factors.


Measure blood pressure in a familiar environment

If you measure blood pressure in a familiar environment, the measurement may be more accurate than at the doctor's office or in the hospital. The blood pressure readings provide a more realistic picture. This is due to the so-called "white coat effect". People are usually more nervous and tense, when they are with a doctor. As a result, the blood pressure is often higher, making the measurement less accurate. By the way, this is entirely personal. For another person, the measured blood pressure readings from a doctor may actually be more accurate.


Measuring yourself is very easy

Measuring blood pressure yourself is very easy. Especially when you use a clinically validated blood pressure monitor . You can therefore assume that the measured values are accurate. It doesn't have to take more than XNUMX minutes a day.

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