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What is a low heart rate (bradycardia)?

A heartbeat is caused by the contraction of the heart muscle. This happens because the sinus node, a nerve node located in the right ventricle of the heart, delivers an electrical pulse to the heart muscle. A low resting heart rate A heart rate that is too low is also called bradycardia and is a heart rhythm disorder. From a heartbeat below […]

Children's blood pressure values

As with adults, a child's blood pressure can be either too high (hypertension) or too low (hypotension). Regular blood pressure measurements are therefore also of great importance in children. What are normal values ​​for a child's blood pressure? The table below gives an overview of the upper limit of normal values ​​for the blood pressure of […]

Compare measured blood pressure values ​​with the measurement of the doctor

It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. The blood pressure values ​​measured by the blood pressure monitor do not correspond to the values ​​measured by the doctor or general practitioner. Does my blood pressure monitor measure accurately? We can answer the question with 'Yes'. The blood pressure monitor you have purchased measures accurately. The blood pressure monitors we supply are clinically validated. That […]

What is atrial fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation, also called atrial fibrillation, is a heart rhythm disorder. In this arrhythmia, the heart beats irregularly and not in a fixed rhythm as might be expected. This has all kinds of negative consequences for your health. Ultimately, this can even lead to a stroke. What can cause atrial fibrillation? The heart consists of four compartments through which the blood […]

How do you measure your blood pressure?

Measuring your blood pressure at home provides immediate insight. This is important if you are dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure or if you are at risk of developing high blood pressure, it is recommended that you measure your blood pressure yourself. This also applies to […]

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