Which cuff is suitable for my blood pressure monitor?

A blood pressure monitor comes with a cuff. It is important that the correct cuff is connected to the blood pressure monitor. A wrong cuff cannot be connected or does not measure correctly.

We can help you determine the correct cuff for your blood pressure monitor.

Getting a new cuff for your blood pressure monitor seems simple but can be tricky at times. Unfortunately, there are no universal cuffs that are suitable for multiple blood pressure monitor brands. Each brand has its own type of connection and determines how high the pressure is within a cuff.

In addition, within certain brands there are also different types of cuffs for different types of blood pressure monitors. Omron, for example, has over 100 different cuffs.

We can find out which cuff is suitable for you. Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the Contact page. We will propose the correct cuff to you within 24 hours.

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