Remedy low blood pressure

Remedying low blood pressure is not easy. If you have low blood pressure symptoms it generally means that you are suffering from low blood pressure and you may be experiencing discomfort from this. For example, you may often experience dizziness or you may even faint. You may also have a constant weak feeling that makes you uncomfortable. You can do the following to remedy low blood pressure:


Take ferrous products

A good tip for people who suffer from low blood pressure is to eat food that contain iron. A good example of this is spinach. Spinach is rich in iron and is also very healthy. Apple syrup also appears to be very good. So have a sandwich with apple syrup regularly. When blood pressure is low, a more salt-rich diet is recommended. It is wise to do this in consultation with your doctor if necessary. The occasional salty candy won't hurt, of course, but excessive salt consumption is never a good thing.



Get more exercise

Try to exercise more. It may sound strange, but low blood pressure can be increased by exercising. This is because you are training your heart and blood vessels and therefore your blood pressure build up.


Drink enough water

Make sure you always drink enough water. This is especially wise with hot weather. If you have caught the flu or a cold, it is wise to drink plenty of water. On average, a person should drink about one and a half to two liters of water in a day. Keep in mind that food also contains water and adds to this volume.


It is always essential to measure blood pressure regularly. Therefore, get yourself a good blood pressure monitor. One of the very best blood pressure monitors is the Omron M6 Comfort. This blood pressure monitor can measure blood pressure very accurately, which is why it has been declared the Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the 2015 Dutch Consumers' Association test.