Low blood pressure, what now?

We speak of low blood pressure when the pressure of the blood is too low. Blood pressure is about the force exerted on the walls of blood vessels as the blood flows.

Our blood pressure is expressed as systolic/diastolic blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. There can also be a case of low blood pressure of high blood pressure, it doesn't always have to be unhealthy, but you can suffer from it.


Symptoms of low blood pressure

The symptoms you can have with low blood pressure are

  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • change in mental health
  • nausea
  • suddenly feeling hot or cold
  • fatigue
  • concentration problems
  • depression

It is important, that when you recognize these symptoms, you always go see a doctor. He or she can measure the blood pressure and then you will know immediately if it is a case of low blood pressure. Some medication can then be prescribed for this so that the blood pressure will rise again. But your blood pressure can also be lower because you are ill, for example, or because of stress. All of these reasons are discussed in a consult to find out where that low blood pressure is coming from. The blood pressure is then also monitored for a while, which is also very important. It doesn't always have to be serious, but because you have symptoms it can get worse, which is why it needs to be monitored.



No direct cause for low blood pressure?

There may not be an immediate reason for the low blood pressure, but it will be investigated. Sometimes you know very quickly where the low blood pressure is coming from, but sometimes several tests need to be run to get clarity on what the cause may be. There is not always a cause, it may be that you always have had a low blood pressure, in which case it is important that you have this examined properly, so that you can rule everything out. If you do get symptoms then you can have it examined again and perhaps an underlying cause can be found.


Don't keep walking around with low blood pressure

Often people think that low blood pressure won't hurt them and they keep walking around with this, but you shouldn't do that. You should always have it looked at, by going to the doctor, for example. He or she will examine you to make sure that nothing is wrong.

If you are dizzy and also start to faint then it is important to do something about this immediately. Your blood pressure must rise quickly for symptoms to subside! Therefore, pay close attention to your health. If you don't feel well and you have these symptoms it may indicate that your blood pressure is too low. It is wise to visit the doctor.

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