Is low blood pressure dangerous?

Is low blood pressure dangerous? Low blood pressure does not necessarily have to be dangerous, although it is often thought to be. low blood pressure does need to be monitored. If you suffer from low blood pressure you can do something about it. You need to eat something salty, like salted snacks or nuts. Then the low blood pressure can quickly subside. You can also choose mineral water with a high salt content, which is also good for you when you suffer from low blood pressure.

If you don't feel well, sit or lie down for a while. But when you get up again, pay close attention to how you do it, take it easy. Resting on time is important. You should therefore not work yourself to exhaustion and go on and on. Stopping in time is good and taking breaks, then low blood pressure can often be prevented as well. Stress is also not good for your blood pressure, so it should be avoided. Is low blood pressure dangerous? It may be possible.



Do something about that low blood pressure

If you keep an eye on low blood pressure, then there should be no danger. But if you often feel dizzy, you need to do something about it. Therefore, make sure you go to your doctor on time. If low blood pressure is common for you, get a measurement once in a while so you know how things stand. Of course, use a good blood pressure monitor that is very accurate. For example the Omron M6 Comfort. This is the 'best in the test' in the Dutch Consumer Association test of 2015.

If it doesn't subside then medication can always be given, but that is not something that is chosen often. There are also things you can do yourself to prevent low blood pressure, avoid stress, go to bed on time, eat and drink well and get enough salt, because your body needs salt to retain fluids.


Talk about your low blood pressure

If you spend a lot of time with others, it is good to talk about your low blood pressure. Others then know what you have and what they can do about it when you suffer from it. But also just talking about the low blood pressure can make you calmer and able to avoid stress. You don't have to worry about fainting, you can suppress it by eating something in time. Therefore, let as many people as possible know when you are suffering from low blood pressure so that they can also intervene when you are not feeling well. They can get you a sandwich or something to drink, then the blood pressure can go back up. The more people who know the better, because that way they can all help you! It's about daring to talk about low blood pressure, you can learn a lot from each other by sharing it with each other.