How can I lower my blood pressure?

You cannot recognize high blood pressure easily. This is often discovered during a medical check-up. Once you have high bloodpressure, it is important to monitor it closely. In the short term, this will not have any immediate negative consequences. If you have this for too long, you are at risk for heart failure, stroke, blindness or kidney damage. It is therefore essential to lower your blood pressure in time. Lowering blood pressure is not easy.


Explaining high blood pressure

High blood pressure is also called hypertension. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the arterial walls. Here we distinguish between the upper pressure and the lower pressure, represented by a value. For adults up to 80 years of age, the target value is up to 140/90 mmHg. For the elderly, a maximum upper pressure of 160 mmHg is used. If the blood pressure rises above these target values, we speak of hypertension.



Lowering blood pressure yourself

Anyone with hypertension can try to lower blood pressure on their own. However, it is important to look at the underlying cause. In some cases - such as kidney disease - it is quite difficult to lower blood pressure on your own.

High blood pressure can be managed with a lifestyle adjustment. This lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Healthy living

We live way too unhealthy. We eat too much or poorly, don't exercise enough and have an unhealthy lifestyle. Factors such as stress, smoking, drinking alcohol and eating a lot of salt trigger the development of high blood pressure. By stopping with this, you will achieve great results. This does not always prove easy, because how do you avoid stress? You can do this by addressing stressful situations and taking plenty of time for relaxation. Any help with this is welcome.


Monitoring blood pressure

Does lowering high blood pressure yourself have the desired effect? This can only be measured using a blood pressure monitor. The family doctor or medical specialist has a blood pressure monitor. If you want to check this yourself at home, buy a blood pressure monitor.

There is a lot of choice in blood pressure monitors; not only with regard to type, but also in brands, prices and features. Choose a blood pressure monitor with cuff for the upper arm or the economical and practical wrist blood pressure monitor. The best blood pressure monitors are subject to medical quality control. Always follow the instructions for use, this will give the most reliable result. Buying a blood pressure monitor can be done easily online, often you will have it delivered the next business day. This will get you started right away on your good intentions to lower blood pressure.