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Rossmax blood pressure monitors

Rossmax blood pressure monitors give you the opportunity to measure your blood pressure with Swiss precision. Validations from recognized institutions, such as BHS (British Hypertension Society), ESH (European Society of Hypertension) confirm the accuracy, safety, stability and reliability of the products of this brand. In addition, Rossmax's blood pressure monitors are also listed on the international validation lists of DABL and StrideBP. That is why these meters are also recommended by the Dutch Heart Foundation. They are even recommended for use during pregnancy.

We are an official Rossmax dealer. The models we supply are Dutch models with a Dutch manual and Dutch warranty and support. 

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Rossmax: market leader in healthcare products

Rossmax, founded in 1988, is now a leader in the global healthcare market. They are committed to developing and supplying top quality products and solutions. You can therefore count on products with advanced technologies and of a very high quality level. All products are distributed in over 90 countries and are clinically validated and approved to the latest and highest quality standards.

Calibrate Rossmax blood pressure monitors

The blood pressure monitors of this brand are unique in that they can be recalibrated. All manufacturers recommend that the blood pressure monitor be checked every 2 to 3 years. Where with other manufacturers you can only check whether the blood pressure monitor still measures accurately and you actually see whether you may need a new blood pressure monitor or can continue to use the current one, at Rossmax you can also recalibrate the blood pressure monitor, so that it measures again as if it just came out of the factory. If you have any doubts about the measurements, we can check and recalibrate the blood pressure monitor for you.

Compare Rossmax blood pressure monitors

There are many different types and models of Rossmax blood pressure monitors. This can make choosing the right blood pressure monitor difficult. To make the choice easier, we have made a handy comparison between the different upper arm blood pressure monitors from this renowned brand. From this overview of blood pressure monitors you get a good idea of ​​the possibilities that the brand offers.

Rossmax Healthstyle app

Rossmax offers the free Healthstyle app. With this app you can synchronize the measured blood pressure values ​​with your smartphone. This allows you to quickly and easily analyze the measured values, read them and, if desired, send them to your doctor or cardiologist. They can then assess your values ​​remotely. The app is available for free in the Google Playstore and Apple Store and can be connected to various models of blood pressure monitors from the brand. These are the following models:

PARR (Pulse Arrhythmia) Technology

The PARR (Pulse Arrhythmia) technology of the Rossmax blood pressure monitors makes it possible to prevent strokes and other cardiovascular diseases by early detection of atrial fibrillation (AFib), premature contraction (PC), tachycardia (TACH) and bradycardia (BRAD). Heart disease requires medical attention and so early diagnosis is paramount. The PARR technology detects any cardiac arrhythmias during the blood pressure measurement.

Atrial Fibrillation Detection (AFib)

With the AFib detection, the blood pressure monitor is able to detect atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a common heart rhythm disorder, especially in older people. In atrial fibrillation, the heartbeat is irregular and usually too high. Atrial fibrillation is an arrhythmia that is not life-threatening, but usually requires treatment. This is done to prevent damage to the heart. If the blood pressure monitor detects atrial fibrillation, it will display it with the “AFib” symbol at the end of the measurement.

Premature Contraction Detection (PC)

The PC or Premature Contraction Detection is unique. No other brand has this technology. With this detection, the blood pressure monitor checks whether an 'extra' heartbeat is detected during the measurement. Too many 'extra' heartbeats has a negative influence on the functioning of the heart. These extra beats can disrupt your regular rhythm. They can occur early or cause a significant pause in your detectable heart rate. These are called palpitations, which can be felt in your chest. If not related to mental stress or acute and severe physical strain, they may be a sign of heart disease. This mainly occurs in people over the age of 40. If the blood pressure monitor detects premature contractions, the “PC” symbol will appear at the end of the measurement.

Tachycardia Detection (TACH)

Tachycardia means that a heart rate above 100 beats per minute is detected for no reason. This is a heart disorder that is not very well known. Normally, the resting heart rate is about 60 to 100 beats per minute. This rhythm is determined by the sinus node in the right atrium of the heart. In tachycardia, the heart rate is regular, but much faster than normal. During an attack, the heart rate can rise to 100 to 200 beats per minute. This can take a few minutes to several hours. If tachycardia is detected by the blood pressure monitor, it will be displayed with the “TACH” symbol at the end of the measurement.

Bradycardia Detection (BRAD)

Bradycardia means that the heart rate is below 55 beats per minute. This is also a heart disorder that is not very well known. A low heart rate is normal for athletes in good condition. Due to training, their heart is more muscular and pumps more vigorously. Normally, a low heart rate does not have to be dangerous. Most people with a low heart rate have no complaints. It's about getting your heart pumping enough blood. If this does not work, your brain does not receive enough blood and oxygen and then complaints arise, such as dizziness, fainting, fatigue, less ability to concentrate and memory problems. When you experience these symptoms along with a heart rate that is too low, it may be related to heart disease. If bradycardia is detected by the blood pressure monitor, it will be displayed with the “BRAD” symbol at the end of the measurement.

ARR (Arrhythmia)

If the blood pressure monitor detects an arrhythmia, but not a specific one, the “ARR” symbol is displayed.

Receive more information or personal advice

Would you like more information about the techniques Rossmax uses in its blood pressure monitors or do you need personal advice? Blood pressure meter.shop is happy to assist you. You can reach us by phone at 0182 – 239393. It is also possible to send an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.