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Omron blood pressure monitors

If you are looking for a high-quality blood pressure monitor, then an Omron blood pressure monitor is the right choice. Omron blood pressure monitors are considered the most reliable blood pressure monitors worldwide. All Omron blood pressure monitors measure very accurately and are easy to use.

There are different types and models of Omron meters. We have made a handy comparison so that you can compare all models with each other. Compare Omron blood pressure monitors.

We are an official Omron dealer. The models we supply are Dutch models with a Dutch manual and Dutch warranty (3 years) and support. 
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Buy excellent quality Omron blood pressure monitor

Omron Healthcare is a manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment. Their meters focus on health monitoring and are suitable for measuring your blood pressure yourself. This is important for people with hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol or an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This brand has upper arm blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors and a special watch with blood pressure monitor, the Omron Heartguide. In our range you will find, among other things the Omron M3 en the Omron M6 Comfort.

Reliable blood pressure monitors (clinically validated)

An Omron blood pressure monitor is of top quality. You can rest assured that the measurements are reliable and accurate. Omron blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated. This means that all meters have been checked for correct operation and reliability. The blood pressure monitor complies with at least one of the three international protocols (ESH, AAMI, BHS). The Omron meters are listed on the international validation lists of DABL and StrideBP. Omron blood pressure monitors become recommended by the Dutch Heart Foundation. With an Omron blood pressure monitor you can measure reliably with confidence.

Compare Omron blood pressure monitors

There are many different types and models of Omron meters. This can make choosing the right Omron blood pressure monitor difficult. We can help you with this. We have full product knowledge of Omron blood pressure monitors. We have made a handy comparison between the Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors. from our overview you get a good idea of ​​the possibilities that Omron offers. Would you like more personal advice? We are at your service. You can reach us by phone on 0182 - 239393. You can also reach us by email at info@bloeddrukmeters.hop

Technologies from Omron Healthcare

Omron Healthcare has brought several technological highlights to the market to improve the measurement of your blood pressure.
  • De Omron Intellisense technology ensures that the cuff is always properly inflated. The tire will never be overinflated or underinflated. As a result, a blood pressure measurement always feels comfortable.
  • De Omron Intelli Wrap is a unique cuff. This preformed cuff ensures that measurements are taken 360 degrees around the upper arm. A traditional cuff only measures at one point and must therefore always be placed correctly.

Omron upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors

Omron blood pressure monitors are available as an upper arm blood pressure monitor and as a wrist blood pressure monitor. Both types of blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated and measure equally reliably. However, every blood pressure monitor has advantages and disadvantages. A measurement with a wrist blood pressure monitor is performed faster than with an upper arm blood pressure monitor. A wrist blood pressure monitor is more sensitive to movement. Movement can cause a greater fluctuation in blood pressure values. This is less the case with an upper arm blood pressure monitor. The arm can rest on a table. The chance of an erroneous measurement is smaller. Most importantly, they both measure equally accurately. An upper arm blood pressure monitor is no more accurate than a wrist blood pressure monitor. The amount of movement determines whether the values ​​are accurate.

Omron Professional Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron blood pressure monitors are available for consumers but also for professional users such as GPs and hospitals. In our range we offer the latest Omron professional blood pressure monitors. This is how we deliver the Omron HBP-1120 en HBP-1320. Omron professional blood pressure monitors have the advantage that they are specially made for professional use. For example, the required pressure (mmHg) can be set and there is an illuminated display. In addition, the cuffs are available in different upper arm circumference sizes. Omron professional blood pressure monitors are suitable for all populations. The Omron professional meters that we supply are of course complete. They come with a Dutch manual, Dutch warranty, battery and adapter.

Omron Connect app

Omron offers a free Omron Connect app. With the Omron Connect app you can synchronize the measured blood pressure values ​​with your smartphone. This allows you to quickly and easily analyze and read the measured values. You can also forward the measured values ​​to your doctor or cardiologist. They can then assess your values ​​remotely. The Omron Connect app can be connected to various models of Omron blood pressure monitors. These are the following models: The Omron Connect app is available for free in the Apple Store and Google Playstores. For more information see: Omron Connect

Full range of Omron available in our webshop

The Omron brand does not have its own webshop where you can buy a blood pressure monitor. They only sell their products through specialized retailers. In our webshop we offer, official dealer of this brand, the full range of what Omron offers. The Omron blood pressure monitors that we offer are of course provided with a Dutch manual and a Dutch warranty. We have a special decision aid developed so that you will always find the right meter that suits your situation. Would you like more information about buying an Omron blood pressure monitor? Then contact us without obligation. Call to 0182 -239393 Feet or send an e-mail to We are happy to help you!
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