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Visomat® Double Comfort blood pressure monitor

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The advantages of the Visomat Double Comfort upper arm blood pressure monitor:

  • Listed on StrideBP (recommended by the Heart Foundation)
  • Clinically validated for accuracy in accordance with ESH2010 standard
  • Clinically validated (reliable and accurate measurement) for diabetics
  • Visomat flexible universal cuff type UWK (23 – 43 cm upper arm circumference)
  • Clearly readable digital display
  • 2 measurement methods: Oscillometric (digital) and auscultatory (via Korotkoff sounds)
  • 2 user profiles with 120 memory spaces each
  • Calculation of the average of the last 3 measurements
  • Date and time display when displaying previous measurements
  • WHO traffic light indicator (indicates whether blood pressure is normal or elevated)
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • AFib detection (stroke prevention)
  • Pulse pressure measurement (PP) gives an indication of the elasticity of the blood vessels
  • Cuff check; so that you can be sure that the cuff is attached correctly
  • Movement control; the meter will warn you if you move too much!
  • Exchanging data via USB with a Windows PC (Visomat Double Comfort Software)
  • 5 year warranty

Optionally there is one adapter from Visomat available. By using an adapter instead of batteries, the blood pressure monitor always has enough power to take an accurate measurement.

We are an official dealer of UEBO Visomat®. The blood pressure monitors that we supply are equipped with a Manual en 5 year warranty.

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Plus & minuses

  • Easy to use. Reliable measurement at the touch of a button.
  • Ability to also measure auscultively (via Korotkoff sounds).
  • Measures pulse pressure (PP), which gives an indication of the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  • The cuff and movement control ensures that the measurement has been performed correctly.
  • Suitable for 2 users with 120 memory locations each.
  • Detects atrial fibrillation (AFib).
  • Irregular heartbeat detection.
  • Calculate the average of the last 3 measurements.
  • PC connection for extensive analysis of measurements on a Windows PC.
  • No pre-shaped cuff.

Frequently asked questions about this product

  • Is an adapter available?
  • Yes, the Visomat Double Comfort works on both batteries and an adapter.

Package contents

The Visomat Double Comfort comes complete. You will find everything in the box to start measuring right away. The box contains:

  • Visomat Double Comfort upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Flexible cuff type UWK (23 – 43 cm upper arm circumference)
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Storage cover
  • 4x AA factory batteries (suitable for measuring +/- 50 times)

Useful documents and links

Useful documents associated with the Visomat Double Comfort upper arm blood pressure monitor:

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icon box Ordered before 16:59, shipped today!*

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The Visomat® Double Comfort is an upper arm blood pressure monitor from the German brand UEBO Visomat®. The blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated in accordance with the ESH2010 protocol and also especially for diabetics. In addition, the blood pressure monitor is listed on the international StrideBP list. You can therefore assume that the measurements are very accurate. The blood pressure monitor is therefore also recommended by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

The blood pressure monitor has a digital screen and clearly shows the upper pressure, lower pressure and the average heart rate. In addition to the blood pressure values, you will find a WHO indicator on the right side of the screen, which indicates whether the blood pressure is normal or elevated. During the measurement, it is also checked whether atrial fibrillation (AFib) and an irregular heartbeat have been detected. If these are detected, this will be indicated by a symbol on the screen.

The Visomat Double Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor combines two professional measurement technologies: the oscillometric method and the auscultatory method (Korotkoff method). Most digital blood pressure monitors only use the oscillometric method, but the Visomat Double Comfort also uses the highly accurate Korotkoff method, which is also used by doctors for measuring blood pressure. This means that this blood pressure monitor uses a built-in microphone in the cuff, which picks up the sounds like a doctor does with his stethoscope when he/she measures your blood pressure readings.

Visomat's Double Comfort also measures pulse pressure (PP). The pulse pressure (not to be confused with pulse rate) gives an indication of the elasticity of the blood vessels. This can be important, because a stiff vascular system can have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Research has shown that cardiovascular risk increases if the pulse pressure is permanently above 65 mmHg.

The blood pressure monitor is suitable for 2 people. Each user has 120 memory locations at his disposal. From the memory you can manually calculate the average blood pressure values ​​over the last 3 measurements. The Visomat Double comfort also has a USB connection to connect the blood pressure monitor to a Windows PC. Using the Visomat Double Comfort software, you can analyze your measurements in detail on your PC.

The Visomat Double Comfort also features a Cuff Detection system. This checks whether the cuff is positioned correctly. In addition, there is a motion sensor, which indicates whether there is movement during the measurement.

Additional information
Weight 0,332 kg
Dimensions 12,7x16,2x9,6 cm

UEBE Visomat®

Type number

Double comfort

Location measurement

Upper arm

Manufacturer code


EAN number


Warranty period

5 years

Repair type


dabl® list entry


Tested by Consumers' Association


Clinical Validation

Yes, for general population, Yes, for diabetes patients

Stroke prevention

Yes, detects atrial fibrillation

Operation blood pressure monitor

Fully automatic

Measurement technology

Korotkoff method, Oscillometric method

Measuring range


Heart rate monitor / pulse speed measurement


Heart rate monitor measuring range

30-199 beats per minute

Cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) detection


3-fold measurement


Weekly averages


Morning hypertension


Intellisense technique


Motion detection


High blood pressure indication


Trend graph blood pressure


Graphic display of blood pressure


WHO indication


Cuff included?


Cuff circumference

23 - 43 cm

Large cuff in option


Small cuff in option


Type of display

Digital LCD display

Date and time display


Speaking function


Noiseless measurement


Memory function


Number of personal profiles


Number of memory places per person


Computer connection


Automatic shutdown


Power supply (power supply)

AC adapter (mains), AA batteries

Adapter connection


AC adapter in option


Cuff type

Flexible cuff



Smartphone connection


STRIDE BP listing (recommended Heart Foundation)

Yes, listed on STRIDE BP list

Target audience

Elderly (70+), Adults

Cuff size

Medium (22 - 32 cm), Large (32 - 42 cm)

Medium cuff in option


Extra large cuff in option